A Personal Note From Jo:

THANK YOU to all the guests on this show, and to all of you who tuned in. It was an incredible ride! I discontinued the show for many reasons, one of which was to care for my father during a long illness. He died in 2018, and his absence has left a profound space that nobody else can fill. He was very loved.

If you are dealing with a medical illness, please consult with your doctors on the right course of treatment for YOU. In my experience no one thing works for everyone, even though I've met people running various programs who think their cures are the cures for all. It is not true. We each have our unique paths. If any of you are dealing with neuroimmune issues, feel free to contact me and I will share what helped me recover and get to where I am now!

Please keep in touch if you'd like updates on new music, and creative projects!

Thank you!
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