#123 Sacred Stress
George Faller spent 20 years as a NYC Firefighter and NYC Police Officer. He was right in the mddle of 9-11 and experienced the trauma of that time. He later became a therapist who helps people turn post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth! In this episode we are talking about how to turn stress from a negative symptom to a potentially positive force for change. [Running time 16:43]

#120 Foundations of Well Being
Rick Hanson, Ph.D. shares tips on healing through grief, meeting yourself with compassion, and developing resilience through life's challenges. Discover more about positive neuroplasticity and find out about Rick's new online program! [Running time 33:54]

#119 The Healing Power of Compassion and Self Love
Ashok Gupta says that developing self love, self compassion, self acceptance and contentment is the most important thing we can do on the self development path. In this episode we learn how to shift from performance to service, explore our motivations, transform perfectionism into compassion. What are the personality traits that tend to come from lack of self love? What are the most important things to look for in a coach or a therapist? Find out! [Running time 46:06]

#118 On The Edge, Lessons from Mt. Everest
Is progress always linear? How can you motivate your team? How do you face fears when you are outside of your comfort zone? Alison Levine shares lessons she has learned from Mt, Everest and other extreme environments. Alison has ascended the highest peaks on every continent and also skied to both the North and South Poles. In 2010 she completed the Last Degree Adventure Grand Slam by reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, having fallen only 200 feet short in her previous attempt in 2002 as part of the 1st American Women's Everest Expedition. She is one of few people in the world to have completed the Grand Slam. She currently serves as an adjunct instructor at the U.S. Military Academy. [Running time 23:20]

#115 The Great Pain Deception, Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse
Steven Ray Ozanich shares his story of recovery from over 30 years of chronic, debilitating pain based on the work of Dr. John Sarno. This is a great episode for anyone suffering from chronic pain or chronic health conditions. Explore more about mind body healing, and hear about how Steven healed when conventional therapies brought no lasting relief. [Running time 50:30]

#114 The Brain's Way of Healing
Norman Doidge's incredible book "The Brain That Changes Itself" sold over a million copies. He is here today to discuss his new book which extends the reach of neuroplastic treatments to provide hope for people who suffer from stroke, chronic pain, Parkinsons's disease, autism, MS, and more. He also provides information on how to reduce dementia by 60% without drugs! [Running time 45:47]

#113 Neurosculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness
Lisa Wimberger experienced the power of neuroplasticity firsthand. When conventional medicine offered no answers for her deadly seizures, she created her own regimen of meditation and life practices to heal herself. Lisa has successfully taught her Neurosculpting method to veterans, first responders, and clients in the most stressful occupations. With Neurosculpting, she brings readers a complete guide to this life-changing process.[Running time 18:30]

#110 Signed, Sealed, Delivered
History is preserved through letters. These days so many of us communicate through email and text. What will become of these scattered notes, this digital mass? It is hard to sort through thousands of emails, but think of how wonderful it is to open a box and find a treasured letter! Inspired by a steamer trunk she found in her backyard that was full of hundred year old letters, Nina Sankovitch joins us to celebrate the art of letter writing. Let's start writing each other by hand and see how it transforms our experience of life and our relationships. Our letters create a saved history! [Running time 24:27]

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#109 Getting to IT
Sometimes we push ourselves so much, between overusing social media, overworking, multitasking or wasting time on tasks that don't lead us to our deepest goals and passions. We can't do it all, all the time, and we don't always recgnize that we have limits. Today we're talking about planning our ITS not only in work, but in relationships and self care. Sometimes we have to let go of what is ok or good to focus on what is best! [Running time 21:39]

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#108 Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds
For every 1 published case of radical remission, there are an estimated 100 more that go unpublished. Kelly Turner Ph.D, is a researcher and psychotherapist who specializes in integrative oncology. Her study focus is the remission of cancer in the absence of conventional medicine or after conventional medicine has failed. This fantastic book shares real life stories of people who have healed even when doctors told them to put their affairs in order. This is NOT a book that judges those who use conventional medicine. This is a book that brings up healing factors that are often overlooked. She joins us to discuss her research and give YOU more tools for the toolbox! [Running time 29:53]

#107 Victura, The Kennedys, A Sailboat, And The Sea
Victura is Latin for "about to conquer." Maybe you've been through some challenges and it's time to conquer, transform and sail through stormy waters to sunny skies! Author James Graham joins us to talk about his new book. How did sailing bring the Kennedy family together through challenges and triumphs? What are the parallels between sailing and life? [Running time 17:30]

#106 Powerful Solutions to Raise Happy Kids (And Adults) In Today's Hectic World!
Author Kristen Race, Ph.D. shares brain based mindfulness solutions for ourselves and our families. In this interview she tells us her personal story of how stress in her life led to an autoimmune condition. She turned her challenges into opportunities for transformation. Learn more about how stress affects the brain, and how you can create health for yourself and your family! [Running time 20:32]

#105 New Beliefs, New Brain!
Research in the field of neuroplasticity is showing how trauma, both physical and emotional, literally changes the brain! When the limbic system is impaired by trauma, we get stuck in a threat and survival mode. When Lisa Wimberger was 15, she was hit by lightning. Within a few months, she began to have seizures which lasted for many years. She was pronounced clinically dead on multiple occasions. She learned tools and techniques to heal herself which she now shares to help others. You'll love her new book and the amazing information in this interview! [Running time 25:35]

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#104 Finding Jill
On March 25th, 2002, Jill Kraft Thompson's life changed forever. In a horrifying car crash she lost five members of her family. She joins us to share her story and help anyone who has suffered through grief. If you're wondering where and how to begin to rebuild your life after a loved one's death, her book is a must read. [Running time 23:00]

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#103 Entering the Healing Ground
Our culture often relies on distraction and anesthesia to cope with the losses we face. When we shut off our grief, we also lose our capacity to feel joy. In this episode, author and therapist Francis Weller leads us into the sacred territory of grief and ritual. When the deeper rhythms of grief are allowed to emerge, we become aware of the intimate connection we share with all things. [Running time 22:00]

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#102 The Joy of Sox, Weird Science and the Power of Intention
What happens when a Harvard psychiatrist combines his interest in the science of healing energies with his love of the Boston Red Sox? Dr. Rick Leskowitz shares his mind bending documentary on the power of team chemistry, fan prayers, crowd energy and the zone of peak performance. This movie has the potential to change the way you think about the power of your own mind in influencing your life and the impact you can have on others. [Running time 19:18]

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#101 What Are Your Dreams and Drawings Telling You?
Jo Talks with Dr. Bernie Siegel about his new book, "The Art of Healing: Uncovering your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self Healing." Learn how the power of drawing, dreams and intuition can help you discover the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of healing. [Running time 24:07]

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#100 The Responsible Company
The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has now reached the hightest level in 600,000 years. What does this mean for us? Vincent Stanley joins us to share some of the lessons Patagonia has learned. Whether you are a company owner or consumer, this episode is for you! Find out what changed Patagonia's direction, and what steps they have taken to create amazing products while maintaining a high level of environmental awareness and integrity. Looking for gifts? This is one company worth supporting! [Running time 22:29]

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#99 The Power of Focusing
How can we bring peace to the inner wars that are in the way of having the life we want? Ann Weiser Cornell shares a powerful technique that can help you access the wisdom and messages your body has been holding. Sometimes the most despised places in us hold the greatest treasure. Learn this self awareness process and find out how it can help you get in touch with felt senses and experience the magic of change. [Running time 25:37]

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#98 Learning to Breathe, From Panic to Peace
Priscilla Warner had a loving husband, two sons and was a successful co-author of The NY TIMES bestseller "The Faith Club." She also suffered for decades from panic attacks so debilitating they left her unable to breathe. Her new book is a serious attempt to heal from a painful condition. It's a lifeboat of compassion and hope for people similarly adrift or secretly fearful, as well as an inspiring guidebook to anyone facing daily challenges large and small. This is for anyone who is longing for a sense of peace, self acceptance and understanding. [Running time 30:37]

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#97 GMOs & Your Right to Know!
Jo talks with model, actress, author and health activist Mariel Hemingway. Find out what you need to know about GMOs, how to make smart choices at the grocery store & why this issue matters so much. Learn about Mariel's books and an amazing therapy that has helped her heal trauma in her life! [Running time 21:46]

Donate to help fund the film Mariel is working on called Stop Monsanto: http://www.indiegogo.com/stopmonsanto
#96 The Mercury Link
In this information packed episode, Jo Shares what she has learned after a decade of mercury toxicity research which has led her to the incredible research of Andy Cutler. Find out why many top alternative doctors might be doing chelation protocols wrong. Learn more about the dangers of DMPS injections, chlorella and improper alpha lipoic acid doses. Many researchers say mercury is involved in everything from Chronic Fatigue to Parkinsons, Autism, Alzheimers, Anxiety, MS, Depression, Crohn's and more. Make sure to get this well researched book and share it with your doctor! [Running time 34:06]

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#95 Creating a Winning Balance in Love, Faith and Living your Dreams!
Shawn Johnson is an Olympic gold and three-time silver medalist in women's gymnastics. In 2009 she captured the national spotlight again when she won the widely popular Dancing With the Stars. Later, she suffered an injury in a skiing accident that forced her life to a halt and made her rethink what was really important. She wasn't sure who she was anymore or what her goals were. Could she find the right kind of success in life - the kind that doesn't involve medals or trophies, but peace, love and lasting joy? [Running time 9:40]

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#94 Nora Ephron Remembered
She made us laugh, she made us cry. Her dry wit helped us find humor even in the midst of tragedies. Her films included the classics "When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle," as well as "Julie & Julia" and others. A brilliant screenwriter, director, author, & playwright, she inspired millions of people. This is a replay of a former episode featuring the hilarious and talented Nora Ephron. Rest in peace Nora, you will be missed! [Running time 30:13]

#93 Just One Thing!
Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson presents 52 powerful yet down to earth ways to change your brain to benefit your whole being. He says that neurons that fire together, wire together. Each time you do a practice, it strengthens key neural circuits like building a muscle in the gym. These practices take just a few minutes per day, and can be done anytime, anywhere! [Running time 27:03]

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#92 Small Changes, Big Results
Join Jo as she talks with Bob Greene, author of several best selling books and Oprah's personal fitness trainer. Hear some personal things from Jo's experience, and find out how seeing your challenges AS opportunities can help you through hard times. Listen in for advice from Bob on healing addictions, exercise & food tips for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and more! [Running time 17:05]

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#91 Don't Sweat The Small Stuff!
Kristine Carlson talks about her new book for moms, and Jo discovers that these lessons can be applied to many others situations as well! Lessons include, "I don't have to be perfect" to tips on reducing stress, taking time for yourself, forming strong community bonds, loving your body, and managing social media. Filled with honesty and warmth, this little book makes a great gift! [Running time 28:59]

Also check out this life coach who mother's moms! www.Alicebraga.com
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#90 The Meditative Gardener
Jo talks to Cheryl Wilfong about her gorgeous new book and the parallels between gardening and life. How does loving kindness toward the garden, as well as the gardener, heal? How do we cultivate our soil and what habits lead to creating less stress in the body and mind? Tune in for words of wisdom and inspiration! [Running time 27:34]

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#89 Finding Your Way in a Wild New World!
She's a best selling author, life coach and columnist for The Oprah Magazine. Martha shares her experience healing through fibromyalgia and discusses the shaman path. Learn to trust and hear the deepest desires of your body and heart rather than relying on the verbal mind. When you know what is right for you, whether it's as simple as lying down, or as complicated as leaving your religion, every cell in your body will relax. And that relaxation, NOT high performance, is the sign that you are on track! [Running time 40:17]

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#88 Healing Chronic Illness By His Spirit, Through His Resources
Can God heal when medicine fails to deliver a full recovery? Connie Strasheim shares her personal journey through lyme disease, as well as strategies from some of the best lyme literate doctors in the country. She talks about faith in miracles, supernatural healing, Biblical truths, and the path to wellness. Her stories will encourage you! [Running time 35:39]

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#87 Anxiety Isn't All In Your Head!
Have you been dealing with severe adrenal fatigue, anxiety and panic? Depression? Blood sugar issues and unexplained weight changes? Are you tired of working with doctors who have no idea how to treat it? Health practitioner Jen Crippen Springer shares her journey through these challenges, including the tests and treatments that helped her! [Running time 24:43]

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#86 How to Be Your Own Shaman
Deborah King was a successful attorney in her 20s when a diagnosis of cancer sent her on a search for truth that radically changed her life. After years of study, Deborah ultimately became a healer herself, and developed a powerful healing technique of her own! Learn more about healing techniques you can use for yourself and also to help others.

This interview is in transcript form on the journal dated July 5 2011

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#85 Today We Are Rich, Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence!
Losing weight on a mind diet, taking a new approach to time management, being a person of your word. How do these things build self confidence? How do they build inner wealth and abundance? Check out this inspiring interview with best selling author Tim Sanders, and download 35 pages for free on his website! [Running time 26:17]

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#84 Breaking News for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatments!
This is hot off the presses, the first time this information has been shared on air anywhere. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum shares breaking news and research on a possible new treatment for chronic fatigue immune dysfunction. Wow! [Running time 12:38]

this episode has been archived
#83 SOY: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food
These days, many top actresses promote the vegan lifestyle, including recipes packed with soy. Join Jo and Dr. Kaayla Daniel to bring you the whole soy story! Find out about the dangers of soy infant formulas, the pressure the soy industry puts on researchers, and the mass marketing of soy junk foods tricked out as health foods. Find out how soy contributes to thyroid disorders, digestive distress, and more! [Running time 27:55]


Sponsored by My Earth 360  www.myearth360.com
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#82 Self Compassion, Stop Beating Yourself Up!
The relentless search for high self-esteem has become a virtual religion. Fortunately, there is an alternative to self-esteem that many psychologists believe is a better and more effective path to happiness: self-compassion. Dr. Kristin Neff suggests that people who are more self-compassionate lead healthier, more productive lives than those who are self-critical. Find out how to let go of constant, debilitating self-judgment and be kind to yourself! Music by www.flutesoftheworld.com [Running time 31:50]

#81 Friends In Deed
Actress and model Cynthia O'Neal was living her dream life - married to the famous stage and screen actor Patrick O'Neal, the mother of two young sons, resident of The Dakota downstairs from John Lennon, owner of the successful Ginger Man restaurant, and friend to many brilliant musicians and performers. When the AIDS epidemic hit the arts community hard, her life changed course suddenly, surprisingly, and completely. This is a wonderful interview that will make you laugh, cry, and uplift you! Music by Jo Davidson [Running time 47:05]

#80 The Horse Boy
Jo sits down with Rupert Isaacson to discuss his stunning book and film which chronicles a journey with his wife Kristen, and son Rowan across the vast landscape of Mongolia. Explore the world of autism, the relationship between humans and animals, between different cultures and different ways of being. An official Sundance Film Festival selection, this is one of Jo's favorite films ever! [Running time 37:06]

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#79 Hope and Healing
Dr. Neil Nathan shares his extraordinary book and knowledge with listeners. Learn about the best cutting edge treatments for cfids, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, ADHD, chronic pain, autism, thyroid & adrenal disorders and more. If you've "fallen through the cracks" of the current medical maze, this show is for you. A transcript of this show is available on the journal dated April 12, 2011. [Running time 48:13]

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#78 Epiphany!
What is your greatest epiphany in life? Have you ever had an "aha" moment that changed your direction, your relationships, career, health? In this collection of inspiring interviews, Elise Ballard shares stories from people all over the world in all walks of life, including Maya Angelou, Dr. Oz, Barry Manilow, Ali MacGraw, Deepak Chopra, and so many others. This book is a great gift for graduation, birthdays, and holidays! [Running time 26:42]

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#77 From Spent to Revived
Dr. Frank Lipman talks about the hidden toxins in every day products, the habits and patterns that are making people feel spent, and how to move towards a more healthy lifestyle. Check out his detox program and explore some simple tips to bring your body back into balance. [Running time 24:59]

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#76 Heartbroken Open
In this stunning interview, Jo talks with Kristine Carlson about the sudden death of her husband Richard Carlson (author of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"). Kris shares personal details about her grieving process, her life with Richard, and how being broken open eventually led her from loss to self discovery. Kristine's book is a rare gem that offers hope and healing to anyone going through grief. [Running time 38:32]

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#75 Holiday Tips for Anyone Facing Illness, Loss or Grief
How do you enjoy the holiday season even if you are facing an illness, grief or loss? Get real down to earth advice on how to cope, create and find beauty in the midst of any challenge. Tips were sent in from "people on the inside" as well as doctors and some of the guests of Zentertainment! This show is in transcript form only: http://conta.cc/eJaJjz.

this episode has been archived
#74 Prayer & Medicine, Saints & Sinners
Is prayer as valid and vital a healing tool as drugs or surgery? Jo talks to Dr. Larry Dossey about the healing power of prayer, the dark side of books like "The Secret," and how dreams can facilitate healing and even be premonitions. Transcript of the show on the journal dated 12-3-10. [Running time 34:38]

this episode has been archived
#73 Beat Sugar Addiction Now
Have you ever realized how much sugar is hidden in many of the common foods people eat each day? Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D shares his cutting edge program to address sugar addiction and its causes ranging from adrenal fatigue, candida, PMS, poor sleep and more. He wants to put the sugar back into dessert, instead of having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The tips he shares can put you on the road to feeling great and losing weight! [Running time 23:18]

Click here for a full transcript of this interview on the journal page dated September 16 2010
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#72 The Divine Name
In this groundbreaking work, sound-healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman shares a universal sound that, when intoned, can bring harmony and healing to ourselves and the planet. It is a sound that when vocalized has the ability to resonate both the physical body and subtle energy fields of anyone who intones it—irrespective of religion, tradition, or belief. Learn how to create this sound on your own. This episode includes sound samples! [Running Time 25:03]

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#71 Be the Red Crayon!
Have you stopped dreaming your dreams because you think they are impossible to achieve? Are you frustrated or burnt out in your job? A major car accident and a life threatening illness changed Sandy Schussel's life. Find out how this wake up call led him to change careers, and how he can help YOU create a successful, fulfilling business! [Running Time 33:12]

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#70 How 29 Gifts Can Change Your Life
During a challenging time in her life as she was facing MS, one of Cami Walker's teachers gave her a prescription to give away something for 29 days. She detailed her experience in this fantastic book. Find out about some of the surprising ways giving helped her, and how you can join the 29 Gifts movement! [Running Time 29:27]

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#69 Raw Food for Real People
The founder of Leaf Organics restaurants in Los Angeles, Rod Rotondi presents an intriguing look at how far we have strayed from a natural diet. His beautiful book and new DVD set include great recipes from smoothies and soups to veggie burgers and apple pie the raw vegan way! If you want to lose weight, improve your health and learn more, check this out! [Running Time 34:11]

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#68 Healing Lyme!
Stephen Buhner has been called one of the "plant geniuses of our time." In this meticulously researched, brilliant book he explains lyme disease in depth. What are the politics surrounding lyme and why do so many doctors miss this diagnosis? Which natural remedies repel ticks and mosquitoes? Are there protocols for late stage lyme? Listen in! His book is an absolute MUST READ for every patient and doctor! [Running Time 44:00]

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#67 Be It Ever So Humble
Join Jo and architect Jerome Kerner in a dialogue about family, ancestors, culture and home. How have your ancestors shaped who you are today? How did they create a sense of home and safety, and what traditions were passed on to you? How do you create a comfortable space together when your partner comes from a different background? [Running Time 14:20]

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#66 One Soul, One Love, One Heart
This book is on Jo's top ten list of favorite spiritual books. A must read! How do you deal with difficult relationships? What about co workers who drive you crazy? Jealous family members? What about people in politics who oppose all the things you promote? Fox news versus CNN? This amazing episode features John Welshons and his fantastic book. Find out how EVERY relationship in your life can be your teacher! [Running Time 30:25]

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#65 Instruments of Compassion
Certified Tibetan Bowl sound healing practitioner Diane Mandle joins us today. She talks about her work with cancer patients and shares the amazing power of Himalayan bowls to aid in restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Listen in as we explore the world of vibrational sound healing, including some music from one of Diane's CDs! [Running Time 20:11]

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#64 Bridge Between Worlds, Extraordinary Experiences that Changed Lives
A decade before Dan Millman wrote "Way of The Peaceful Warrior" ( which later inspired the movie starring Nick Nolte), a motorcycle crash ended Dan's Olympic dreams. Some years later, two thugs armed with a metal pipe closed in to attack a young writer named Doug Childers. Doug and Dan eventually met, became friends, and co wrote this amazing book featuring extraordinary true shorts stories that have changed lives. You'll read about things you never thought were possible! [Running Time 22:17]

this episode has been archived
#63 What Causes Unhappiness And How Can You Overcome It?
Have you been trying to "fix" your weaknesses for a long time with little results? In this podcast Dan Baker Ph.D talks about the book he co-authored and how it is turning traditional psychology upside down. Dan says that the doorway to transformation begins not by fixing what you think is broken, but by leading with your strengths. He explores happiness traps and ways to help yourself when you are stuck in a story. This is a brilliant book full useful, cliche free inspiration. You CAN change your life for the better! [Running Time 20:37]

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#62 Faith Walks!
Get a shot of inspiration from this dog FAITH who has a lesson for all of us. Born severely deformed, she now walks on only two legs! She has inspired everyone from wounded soldiers, to people facing other life challenges. "Faith was born for a reason, I believe it was to first heal my family from sorrow and sadness, and this allowed us to help her fulfill another mission -- to help as many people as possible." [Running Time 20:12]

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#61 The Essential Laws of Fearless Living!
What good is any thought or feeling that tells you to be afraid of anything that's happening in your life? Most of us have a very familiar relationship with fearful thoughts and feelings. The truth is, no fear exists without negative imagination! And fear is always a possibility killer. Listen in as author Guy Finley discusses his breakthrough book and helps you find the power to never feel powerless again (no matter what circumstances you are facing). [Running Time 25:52]

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#60 Supercharge your Life Force!
At the age of 19 she was paralyzed and bedridden. She looked to nature for answers, and found that certain foods helped her heal. If you are trying to lose weight and are tired of fad diets, if you want to improve your health, this show is for you! Join Jo as she talks with top nutritionist Michelle Schoffro Cook about how the Life Force Diet can change your life! [Running Time 26:13]

this episode has been archived
#59 Creative Dreams Made Real!
Are you ready to shake things up? Are you ready for a new adventure? A transformation experience? This show is your invitation. Author and artist SARK shares juicy creative tips and tells us about her upcoming workshop at Kripalu. She encourages you to come in "whatever ragged state you're in." Check out this inspiring episode, also featuring new music from Jo Davidson and Nadia Ackerman. [Running Time 16:15]

this episode has been archived
#58 Happiness from the Inside Out!
Robert Mack is a celebrity life coach, bestselling author, and a sought after guest speaker with his own radio show airing on Energy Talk Radio. Listen in to hear how he found his way out of a deep depression and learned techniques that he uses and teaches today. [Running Time 19:30]

this episode has been archived
#57 Discover a Non Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold!
Mold spores and the toxins they produce have been linked to many health problems. In this information packed episode, Dr. Edward Close will share how to eliminate toxic black mold and mildew in as little as 24 hours and keep it from coming back! This is a must hear episode for anyone who has health concerns related to mold in the home or workplace. [Running Time 36:13]

this episode has been archived
#56 Following a Call
Have you ever had a dream that you thought was giving you a clear message to make a major life change? "When I woke up, my heart was pounding, and I couldn't shake the feeling this was more than a dream. No dream of mine had ever been this vivid or blatantly told me what to do. But I had never been to or thought of moving to Santa Fe. My life and work were in New York." Listen in as Alissa Lukara shares the dream that changed her whole life... [Running Time 20:45]

this episode has been archived
#55 The Power of Premonitions with Larry Dossey, M.D
Have you ever had a nagging feeling about something that turned out to be a warning? Have you ever had a dream about something that later came true? How do we know when a premonition is valid, and what are some cautions we need to be aware of? In this episode hear amazing true life stories from Larry's life and others. We also discuss 9-11 premonitions, and explore amazing true stories of premonitions in animals! [Running Time 26:56]

#54 The Swine Flu Media Frenzy, Listening Between the Lines
Do 26 deaths worldwide from a flu virus equal a "pandemic?" Why is the media coverage on this swine flu non stop and around the clock? Who benefits? Jo gets up close and personal with the latest media frenzy. She also shares some of the amazing natural products she keeps on hand in her medicine cabinet! [Running Time 14:58]

A transcript of this show can also be found at: http://www.zentertainment.org/josblog.php
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#53 Take the Clutter Busting Challenge and Let Go of What's Holding you Back!
Jo gets help from Clutter Buster Brooks Palmer, who offers us tips from his new book. Is your home full of things you no longer love, use or need? How do your attachments to these things affect other areas of your life? It's time for spring cleaning! Find out how clearing clutter can radically change your life on all levels! Music by Catherine Duc and Aleta St. James. [Running Time 22:39]

this episode has been archived
#52 The Ripple Effect; How Better Sex can lead to a Better Life!
Psychiatrist, columnist, bestselling author, and television commentator Gail Saltz, M.D., has been called "a voice of wisdom and insight" by Tom Brokaw. She is a regular health, sex, and relationship contributor to the Today show for which she hosts the weekly "On the Couch" segment.. She explains how women can approach their sexuality from the inside out and create a ripple effect that will change how they think, feel, and behave in every aspect of life! Music by Catherine Duc. [Running Time 20:21 ]

this episode has been archived
#51 The Secret History of Dreaming
Have you lost touch with your dreams? Is your dream recall limited to fragments, soon lost completely as you hurry off into the day? Can your dreams help you solve problems, make career changes, or even diagnose illness and heal? NY Times best selling author Robert Moss joins us today to answer your questions! Just click play and enter into the magical world of dreams... Music by Aleta St James [Running Time 23:28 ]

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#50 365 Prescriptions for the Soul! Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope & Love
With humor and grace, Dr Bernie Siegel, shares pearls of wisdom and stories from his wonderful new book. This episode is a great gift for yourself or anyone you love, and it is packed with soul medicine to inspire, enlighten and heal you! Just click play and come on in... Music by Catherine Duc. [Running Time 31:12]

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#49 Why Walk When You Can Fly
The only place where true change can take place is within ourselves. These practical and easy to use teachings return us to a place of self love. Learn more about this revolutionary method in today's show as we discuss Isha's new book! Music by Jo Davidson [Running Time 23:33]

this episode has been archived
#48 Clear, Shift & Create!
Aleta St. James is a renowned healer praised by everyone from Candace Pert and Larry Dossey, to Wayne Dyer! She works with clients in NYC and also by phone. She realized her own dream of having children when she gave birth to twins at the age of 57, and has been interviewed by Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and others. Tune in to find out more about Aleta's work, her music, and her new book Life Shift! Music by Aleta St. James. [Running Time 19:04]

this episode has been archived
#47 A Total Makeover
After curing herself from multiple sclerosis 14 years ago, Ann Boroch knew her experience was an opportunity to help others! Her new book tells her story and gives you great tips on health and healing, including detailed recipes and supplement guides! In this episode, we are also discussing flu vaccines, birth control pills and more. Are they safe? Find out what Ann has to say... [Running Time 24:41]

this episode has been archived
#46 Led By Faith
A survivor of the Rwandan genocide, Immaculee Ilibagiza spent 3 months hiding in a bathroom with 7 starving women. She came out of hiding weighing only 65 pounds to discover that her family had been murdered along with her grandparents and countless friends. Her new book documents what she went through and how she forgave. This book renewed Jo's faith in prayer, and will show you the power of love to win out over evil, hope over despair! [Running Time 17:29]

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#45 Bananas to heal splinters? Raw honey to treat burns? Onions for bee stings?
Discover the wonderful world of herbs and vibrational remedies with master herbalist Andrea Candee. Get healing tips for your whole family on how to treat chronic lyme disease, asthma, insomnia and more! You'll also love her winter wellness guide! Music by Catherine Duc. [Running Time 30:12]

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#44 Solitude, the Wisdom of Extremes
In 2001, Bob Kull traveled to a remote uninhabited island on the rainy, wind-swept coast of southern Chile. More than one hundred miles from other people, he built a shelter and lived alone for a year to explore the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of deep wilderness solitude. Listen in to hear his amazing story.... Music by Jo Davidson with David Patterson. [Running Time 21:34]

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#43 Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper!
Every time you write, something valuable will occur. Dare to make it real! Best selling author SARK helps you navigate through fears and doubts and show you how to WRITE ANYWAY! Do you dare to begin? This episode will help you jump start the creative process. With music by Jo Davidson and Joy Askew. [Running Time 23:45]


Sponsored by Tees for Change  www.TeesforChange.com
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#42 Powerful Guided Meditations by Rick Jarow!
Experience 3 meditations (out of 14) from The CD included in the book "The Alchemy of Abundance." These meditations are designed to help you deal with body, money, machines, home, journey, vocation, and much more! [Running Time 23:28]


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#41 Keep Working Girlfriend!
Jo gets deeply personal, sharing her thoughts on the challenges of chronic lyme disease and cfids, dealing with with judgements of others, managing her own inner critic, and trying to heal it all! Rosalind Joffe specializes in coaching people who face chronic illness in and out of the workplace. How are ALL of our challenges metaphors for life, and what opportunities are hidden within adversity? [Running Time 29:12]


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#40 Standing At Water's Edge
What are your "waters edge" moments? How does the "dread to repeat" determine the risks you take? Do all creative acts and sexual encounters stem from the primal need for immersion? Psychologist Anne Paris says that immersion is an experience we all crave. Listen in to discover how you can tap into connection and creativity while avoiding the pitfalls so common to us all. [Running Time 24:05]


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#39 Beating the Odds, A Celebration of Life
In this unforgettable episode, Zev Kedem shares his story of surviving the horrors of the Holocaust from the age of 5-11. He was saved by Nazi industrialist Oskar Schindler. Today, Kedem is a documentary filmmaker who consulted on and appeared in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning Schindler's List. This is a rare chance to hear his story first hand. He inspires us by being an example of the amazing power of the human spirit to overcome unspeakable adversity! [Running Time 52:04]


This episode is sponsored by The Omega Institute   www.eomega.org
#38 Our Environmental Destiny: A Contract With Our Future Brought to you by The Omega Institute and Zentertainment Talk Radio
Are Americans the most entertained and least informed people on the planet? How are coal burning companies and mercury polluting companies rewarded, and what price do we all pay? Author, naturalist, and prosecuting attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a passionate and courageous leader whose message supersedes his family name. The first step in making a difference is to be informed! [Running Time 36:06]


This episode is sponsored by Mary Janes Farm   www.MaryJanesFarm.org
#37 The Backdoor to Enlightenment
Za Rinpoche was born in Nepal and grew up in a refugee camp in southern India. A Tibetan Monk, he furthered his studies at Drepung Loseling Monastery receiving the Geshe Lharampa degree, equal to a doctorate in Tibetan Buddhism. Listen in as Jo and Za Rinpoche discuss suffering, impermanence, fear and his new book co-authored with Ashley Nebelsieck. There might not be a short cut to your dreams, but there is a back door! [Running Time 16:55]

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#36 The Van Gogh Blues
Calling all artists! This inspiring episode features well known author, therapist, and creativity coach Eric Maisel. Get advice and tips on how to deal with solitude, depression, success, rejection and praise. Explore the mythology of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, and get tips on how to overcome negative self talk and the addictions so common to artists! [Running Time 38:41]

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#35 Harmonious Environment
Join Jo as she speaks with Norma Lehmeier Hartie, author of this award winning book! Get great tips and advice on creating a non toxic bedroom, making your home a sanctuary, making home made cleaning products, and how to beautify, detoxify and energize your life! [Running Time 21:40]

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#34 The Biology of Belief
We know that our conscious thoughts affect our lives, but what about the subconscious thoughts we have? How do we know what they are if they cannot be accessed consciously? Are they sabotaging us or supporting us, and how can we rewrite the "tapes?" Join Jo as she talks with cell biologist Bruce Lipton, about his new book "The Biology of Belief!" [Running Time 31:12]

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#33 When Prayers Aren't Answered
How can we explain the unanswered prayers we pray? When we pray for healing, protection, help in our relationships, and instead are faced with devastating challenges, what does that mean? When the world turns upside down and we wonder, "God why are you doing this to me?" how can we find a deeper faith rather than lose faith entirely? Can the painful experiences of our lives be used to fuel our own spiritual journey? Join Jo as she speaks with best selling author John Welshons! [Running Time 30:41]

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#32 The Three "Only" Things - Extraordinary sources of guidance, healing and power!
Join Jo in this fun interview with the passionate, inspiring author Robert Moss as he discusses the magical world of dreams, coincidence and imagination. How can you tap into the power of these 3 things, and how might they guide you? In this episode , you will explore the symbols in your life, and learn to listen for their messages. What is your wiser self telling you? Robert shares some fun exercises to try! Expect the unexpected..... [Running Time 35:41]

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#31 Angel Animals, Divine Messengers of Miracles!
This inspiring episode features true stories of how the animals in our lives change us. Hear how a dog saved a woman's life during the Holocaust, how a cat healed her owner's broken bone, how a woman communicated with bees, and how an elephant learned to fly! This episode will make you think of animals in a whole new way..... [Running Time 30:10]


This episode is sponsored by Mary Janes Farm   www.MaryJanesFarm.org
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#30 My Grandfather's Blessings
Be prepared to be blessed and inspired by today's guest! At the age of 15, Rachel Naomi Remen's life changed forever when she went into a coma and emerged 6 months later. Now a longtime survivor of Crohn's disease, she is a doctor who has recently been honored along with Dr Andrew Weil, Larry Dossey and Jon Kabat Zinn. Today she shares inspiring stories from her life that will make you think, cry, smile, and show you what is possible! Her books are two of Jo's all time favorites, and they make GREAT holiday gifts! [Running Time 27:37]


This episode is sponsored by Now & Zen, Makers of the Zen Alarm Clock   www.now-zen.com
#29 The Art of Feng Shui with Pun Yin
When Feng Shui Master Pun Yin worked on one of Donald Trump's buildings, construction was completed one year ahead of schedule, and units sold out far ahead of predictions! How can feng shui change your life? What is the difference between the ancient art of feng shui versus the watered down version in the west? Whether you are moving, remodeling, or looking for small ways to make big changes, Feng Shui can help you achieve your goals! [Running Time 28:52]


This episode is sponsored by The 1871 House in NYC   www.1871House.com
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#28 The Alchemy of Abundance
How do you feel about your job and your work? Are you in alignment with your highest purpose? How can you move from being in survival mode to creating the work you love? Listen is as Jo talks with Rick Jarow about his new book and CD, sharing some exciting principles that will change your life! [Running Time 25:37]

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#27 The Secret History of the American Empire with Author John Perkins
Join Jo and NY TIMES Best selling author John Perkins as he shares more of his chilling story and what he has learned since his last book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Why are we really in Iraq? What is the REAL solution to terrorism? Can small steps lead to big changes? [Running Time 26:41]

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#26 The Aspartame Controversy with Filmmaker Cori Brackett
Once upon a time, aspartame was listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent. Now it is hidden in everything from chewing gum to yogurt, diet sodas to medicines. Is the FDA keeping us safe or protecting other interests? Can aspartame cause things like MS, headaches, memory loss, panic attacks, cancer and diabetes? Find out what YOU need to know! [Running Time 21:35]

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#25 The Tension of Opposites
How does tension propel story, and what purpose does it serve in our own lives? Jo talks with award winning playwright and screenwriter Catherine Ann Jones (Touched by an Angel, The Christmas Wife) and others! Get some tips on how to get started on your own writing journey in this episode! Go for it! [Running Time 21:33]

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#24 Behind the Mask
This week Jo gets personal with Martha Beck, best selling author and monthly columnist for O The Oprah Magazine. They discuss resistance and surrender, the lessons of illness , and the soul's path versus the mind's desires. [Running Time 23:28]


This episode sponsored by the Organic Skin Care line www.Jakare.com
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#23 Fat, Broke & Lonely....NO MORE!
Does a man stay in a woman's aura for 7 years after sex? Is "thin, rich and surrounded by friends" the key to happiness? Jo talks to well known author Victoria Moran about her new book, her past food addictions, and how to break free of the desperation we often feel around those 3 words- fat, broke, and lonely! [Running Time 23:23]

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#22 Entering The Castle
Jo talks with best selling author Caroline Myss about what it means to be a mystic, the difference between soul and ego, and how the movie "The Secret" is attached to greed. Also featuring music by Naked Rain. [Running Time 24:29]

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#21 When Harry Met Sally
Listen in on this hilarious episode featuring the wry humor of writer/ director Nora Ephron. Writer of "When Harry Met Sally" and writer/ director of "Sleepless in Seattle," and others, Nora talks about her life as a writer, the famous scene with Meg Ryan in the diner, and how most painful events can eventually be made into funny stories! [Running Time 34:51]


This episode sponsored by www.Jakare.com
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#20 Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time!
She became a single parent at 16, and by 21, she had three children. She lived on welfare, and walked out on her second marriage, which she termed an abusive relationship. She is now a best selling author who has appeared on The View and on The Oprah Winfrey Show.Halle Berry calls her one of her five "sheros!" Listen to these pearls of wisdom from the hilarious and inspiring Iyanla Vanzant! Featuring music by Melody Gardot. [Running Time 18:02]

www.eomega.org    www.innervisionsworldwide.com
#19 Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
This is the true life story of John Perkins. This story is disturbing, shocking, and just might change your life. Find out what he did, hear about the secret that most Americans don't know about, and find out what we are all really supporting by the choices we make. Check out this interview, and become aware of how YOU can make positive changes and help turn things around! Ending with Jo's never before released song, 'Little Green God.' [Running Time 36:34]

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#18 The Healing Power of Yoga
Nationally celebrated yoga instructor Seane Corne has been featured in Glamour, Self, Yoga Journal, and Allure. Today she shares her journey towards healing, and discusses her recent work with child prostitutes in the U.S and sex workers in India. Find out how yoga can help you process post traumatic stress, and transform your body, emotions, and overall health! [Running Time 23:12]

#17 A 15-Minute Relaxation
Take a 15 minute break to enjoy the meditative music of Jonathan Goldman, from his CD titled "Celestial Yoga." This is a time to put your worries aside, and just be. Sleep, rest, relax... [Running Time 15:05]

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#16 I Want I Want I Want!
What do kids teach us about our desires? Check out these vignettes of Zen wisdom from Karen Maezen Miller, author of the funny and inspiring new book "Momma Zen!" [Running Time 20:01]

Featuring music by Catherine Duc.

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#15 A Scientist who Believes in God?
World reknowned scientist Candace Pert discusses the molecules of emotion, how we recreate our original core traumas in our present lives, and the science behind her belief in God. Check out her new book "Everything you Need to Know to Feel Good! [Running Time 33:09]

This episode sponsored by Jonathan Goldman at www.healingsounds.com and The Chopra Center and Spa at Dream Hotel www.chopracenterny.com

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#14 Healing Power
Get the scoop on dirt, negative emotions, plants and how to grow green images within! Toss out the flawed thinking behind "new age guilt," and discover compassion! This week Jo talks to internationally known author and doctor Larry Dossey about "The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things." Theme song by Jeff Oster. [Running Time 22:30]

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#13 Zen & The Art of Happiness
Get out your notebooks and pens, and be prepared to take notes from this conversation with Chris Prentiss, author of "Zen & The Art of Happiness." Find out how to choose happiness, heal depression and learn the 4 root causes of ALL addictions, (from alcohol to sex and more.) Don't miss this interview! Featuring music by Maria Kostelas and Peter Janson. [Running Time 25:53]

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#12 What Goes Down Must Come Up!
Alissa Lukara takes us on a journey through her new book which courageously chronicles her challenges of recovering from illness and abuse. Naomi Judd says she offers us "the gift of grace." For anyone facing life challenges, take these few minutes to set down the burden of pain and give voice to the call of your soul......Also featuring music by Peter Janson. [Running Time 21:33]

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#11 House as Mirror of Self
Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our dwellings, and later our dwellings shape us." Who are you when you are home? Who is the "I" that your home expresses? What messages and symbols does your home hold? Join Jo as she talks to Clare Cooper Marcus, an award winning expert! [Running Time 21:39]
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#10 Happy New Year
Join Jo for an episode featuring music from her friends Heather Eatman, Jenny Bruce, John Rinehart and Jeff Oster. Also ending with Jo's sexy song "Red Crayon." [Running Time 18:17]
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#9 Merry Christmas
"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." - Norman Vincent Peale

It's time to get zen, sloooooooooo down and take some time for yourself. Find a quiet spot, breathe deeply, and tune into the true spirit of this season with this episode featuring Jo on her 1929 Steinway grand piano. Holiday CDs are on sale now on the store page! [Running Time 19:46]

Check Out the CD
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#8 Heal Past Hurts and Awaken New Energies!
My guest today. Guy Finley, was signed to Motown records and worked with artists such as Jackson 5 and Diana Ross! Now he is an author and leads the Life of Learning Foundation, teaching people to lead more conscious lives. Tune in all you deep thinkers! [Running Time 18:16]

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#7 A Little Bird and An Open Door
Have you ever felt trapped? Have you ever been in a situation that you couldn't see your way out of? Tune in to this short (true) story on this week's episode of Zentertainment Talk Radio! [Running Time 8:18]

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#6 An "Autumn Stew" of Topics!
Jo discusses family constellations, sex & honesty, and talks astrology with John Marchesella. Also featured are questions from listeners and Jo's song "Secrets." [Running Time 20:50]

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#5 The Hidden Messages in Water (and Rocks!)
Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown through kirlian photography that our thoughts and even war, can change the crystals in water. What does this mean for us? Tune in to find out! Also featured are songs from Jo's friends! [Running Time 20:50]

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#4 A Man with a Vision!
Dr. Arthur Caliandro is the senior pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in NYC and the successor to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking). Today Jo and Dr. Caliandro discuss everything from faith to homosexuality, and he shares the hardest thing he has ever faced. Don't miss this show! [Running Time 21:24]

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#3 When Life Changes or you Wish it Would!
Carol Adrienne co-authored the NY TIMES Bestseller "The Celestine Prophecy, an Experiential Guide," along with James Redfield. She is here today to talk about CHANGE. How can we embrace it when it sometimes feel so scary? What good things might it be leading us towards? [Running Time 15:27]

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#2 From Afghanistan to America, a True Story
She was honored by Paul McCartney and Laura Bush, and TEEN People featured her as one of 20 teens who could change the world! Discover what's possible with 19 Year old Farah Ahmedi, author of the best selling memoir "The Other Side of the Sky!" [Running Time 17:04]

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#1 What Is Zentertainment Talk Radio?
Jo Davidson reveals some personal things about her life, talks about the book Zen Guitar, and shares new music from some cool artists! Find out how you can be on the show if you have a story to tell! [Running Time 23:19]

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