"Still Leaf" ©2006 Jo Davidson

I really enjoyed your interview with Alison, you have great taste in books/inspiring stories, you have a really impressive list of guests/interviews!

It is wonderful what can happen when we are focused on solutions and learning from people who have healed/conquered all kinds of challenges. What you are sharing with others is incredibly valuable and full of purpose/meaningful!

That was amazing, so many excellent points were discussed with Ashok about self love, compassion, the inner child.

Jo, I really enjoyed your interview with Ashok on compassion. Thanks Jo.

Really great stuff. Thanks Jo and Ashok.

This interview with Ashok Gupta on compassion is BRILLIANT... Thank you so much.

Alison Levine's journey up and down and up and down a mountain before going for the summit echoes my own journey striving for health very vividly. It is again true that every single step, forward or backwards is still a vital part of the trek. Thank you! 

Fantastic Jo, thank you so much - it's always so beneficial listening to Ashok and always enlightening! I guess thats where the Webinar series would be of great benefit! Thanks for sharing the great interview and Q&A!

What stars you and Ashok are ... He for his excellent guidance and you for all your excellent efforts to bring his wisdom to a wider audience!!! Thank you very much!

I love your interviews, Jo - such fascinating guests you find. Thank you for them. And to hear you will have a new cd coming out makes my week! Thanks for your music. 

I think you need to write your autobiography.. You are so insightful and write so eloquently! Going to look up Joe Dispenza today :)….

 I listened to the interview you did with Ashok last night, it was really good. I like your interview style and also what you shared, that Ashok quote was brilliant! 

Fantastic! Just finished listening. Thanks for putting my questions forward. What a great interview. I always feel so calm after hearing Ashok talk about the programme

Thanks so much for sharing and for doing the Ashok Gupta interviews. i just listened to the first one and found it enormously helpful. Can't wait to listen to the second one.

I love learning from Ashok. Such a genuine guy wanting to really help people in very affordable and effective ways...he's a gem.

Brilliant. Thank you Jo. Another interview with lots of gems for retrainers in it.

I'm listening slowly to this interview and am very grateful to both you and to Ashok for doing this!

 I went to a workshop  a couple of years ago and found it so beneficial. I think Ashok is so generous with his pricing. I love that his costs reflect how he really is coming from the right place

Thank you for sharing Jo. I really wasn't connecting with my coach as in depth as you do (talking about the stuff you do etc), and I think that could be really helpful for me.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. It's great to hear how other people are dealing with the process !

Jo this is very kind of you.It is an enormous help to me as I start on my journey to ...WELLNESS! Thank you,you are very generous.

Thanks a million Jo. I had become lazy about doing rounds and you have spurred me on, Wonderful

That interview with Ashok Gupta was fantastic! I love your planting strawberries analogy. I just started with Ashok, and hopefully I'll improve! Thank you Jo for this interview!!

Thank you so much Jo, for creating this podcast space and the latest interview with Ashok Gupta. It is very well done. I also loved the quote you mentioned from neuroscientist Caroline Leaf - "Love casts out fear, love is the truth"

Wow jo i just finished listening to your interview with Ashok Gupta. amazing show

I checked out your journal section on your website to see the helpful info! Thank you for all that you are doing to help all of us!

Jo, Thanks for your interview with Ashok Gupta. The things being discovered about the brain & mind as it relates to the body are so interesting. You do such a great job hosting these interviews and asking thought provoking questions of your guests allowing them to delve into the topics they're passionate about. Your interviews are always a pleasure to listen to. Thanks,

Jo, I just finished up with the Ashok's interview. It really was FABULOUS!!! You did such an awesome job interviewing him! You have a wonderful "radio voice" and have a very calm and relaxed way about you! There was SO much I got out of the program, and I understood it so much better After listening to the interview, I feel so much more comfortable with the whole thing. I'm going to look up his program. Thank you so much for letting us know about it.

Great interview Jo! I learned a lot and I really like the way Ashok explains stuff.

I am listening to your interview with Steven Ray Ozanich, the author of this book THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION - It's a fantastic talk!! I was glad to see you also interviewed Norman Doidge on his latest book "The Brain's Way of Healing" which is one of my most favorite books this past year.
-E Jo Davidson's show was one of the most enjoyable interviews I've had to date. She reminds me of NPR's Terry Gross. She has a similar warm and disarming quality about her and a relaxed style that is a welcome contrast to so much of what is broadcast today.
-James W. Graham, "Victura, The Kennedys, A Sailboat, And The Sea."

I love what you are doing! Your listeners are lucky to have you!
-Martha Beck, Author and columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine

Jo Davidson has a heart as deep as the Grand canyon, and a spirit that soars to the sun.
-Larry Dossey, M.D., author of "The Power of Premonitions" and more.

Jo Davidson is a true inspiration and a champion in all respects!
-Robert Mack, actor and author of "Happiness From the Inside Out."

Jo Davidson is an innovative pioneer of many dimensions and her show is radiantly full of practical wisdom. Tune in and you will be glowing!
-SARK, author of "Juice Pens, Thursty Paper" and more.

Jo Davidson is a healing voice across the airwaves. She presents information that is both inspiring and rock solid useful, and her butter rum voice and solid insights make her a pleasure to listen to.
-Victoria Moran, author of "Creating A Charmed Life," and more.

Jo Davidson's got the action, she's got the music, the girl can do it all!
-Candace Pert, PhD, author of "Molecules of Emotion"

Jo Davidson is a joy to be interviewed by!
-Dr. Judith Orloff, author of "Positive Energy," and more

A haunting singer'songwriter. Jo goes beyond vulnerable. You couldn't get much closer to her thoughts if you were her soul,ate. the way she unveils a story is pure art.
-Songwriter's Monthly

The honesty of Davidson's songwriting stands alone. A genuine talent...
-Barnes & Nobel AllMusic Guide

A passionate artist with strong music and plenty to say.
-Totally Adult/Album Network

Amazing interview with Jill Kraft Thompson!

Jo you exemplify Sara Bareilles song Brave: "say what you want to say and let the words fall out honestly I want to see you be brave".

Anyone who has had the privilege of working with or being your friend knows of your strength. Your light shines. Sail on Tough Girl!

I so can relate, love your posts, can see the strength in the vulnerability

Jo, you are an encouragement to everyone!

Yay! I can't wait to hear your new songs!

I'm so happy for you! I look forward to hearing your new music!

Can't wait to hear some new Jo Davidson records!

Thanks Jo, great interview with Francis Weller. i didn't even realize I needed to do grief work until I read Robert August Masters book on Emotional Intimacy which has a chapter on grief. Someone else who you might think of interviewing.

Wow, thanks for this Francis Weller interview Jo! Certainly pertains to this stage of the game!

Fascinating conversation with Francis Weller

Thank you Jo for the interview with Francis Weller.. I will get several copies of this right away. Those of us who have suffered loss are always eager to learn and share the journey with others. Thank you!

Thanks for the Bernie interview. We've been timing the laughing every 3 hours today. But we keep laughing in between!

Great interview with Bernie!

"Jo...It was amazing. I want to know how you got the white birds to choreograph so beautifully to your song. Positive energy your way..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt1KWZPcunw

Oh, you always find and express the beauty, even in the most difficult times. Thank you again -- Take care of yourself

I feel like it should have been in a movie!! U are so unbelievably talented!!!

This video is so beautiful - and the sound of the piano made my heart ache! the birds, the bicyclist amazing how they cooperated:)! This is lovely!!!

Wow! That is beautiful! So you just sit there and it all comes out? I am amazed. Also, did you plan for the white birds to fly across when they did because it matched the music perfectly! I have been thinking of you.

Well, wow! Congratulations on such a major transition, from city to shore. I hope that your new home is safe and dry. Off to listen to you playing---always a favorite!

Jo, Glad you're safe and well. Thanks for being creative and using gifts to help heal and beautifully distract. We all need that.

Take care Jo, I appreciate the photos and u r a phenomenal photographer & storyteller.

Jo, You are such a light even at this challenging time for you. The energies have been haywire. Lots of emotions for many, me too. It is a time of transition. I love that you did this video- is just amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgBgI5gi7BU Yes we must use what we have! You must be just sooo exhausted. What timing with the move out of NYC! Sending you strength and lots a love.

Oh Jo, The music is phenomenal and actually made me cry. Thank you for this. It really touched my soul.

Jo You're a tough girl for sure! I still remember Northridge vividly and the images of Hurricane Sandy seem much worse than that. Glad you guys are recovering well. Hopefully this will bring climate change to the forefront of politics. That video you posted of Romney says it all.

Thank you Jo for sharing your journey and beautiful piano music.

Wow Glad has given you incredible abilities!

Jo, We're all just glad that you are safe. You were in LA for the Northridge quake too weren't you? You've experienced almost every natural disaster!

Jo disasters are no fun, rambling ok, let the energies move... I was in the sf earthquake 89. Weather is benign here at moment, but feelin a little shaky on this barrier island on the gulf...... so grateful your new home has been blessed and in time you will be able to settle. Hope u find things moment by moment to ease the stress on ur body/mind/ spirit

Jo Glad to hear you're ok, so sorry you (and too many others) are having this experience.

Hang in there, Jo! Thoughts and positive wishes for you, your health and those affected by Sandy!

Jo It saddens me to think that, despite all the progress we seem to have made as a society regarding LGBT rights, this presidential race is so close. I dread the thought of Romney leading our country.

Jo My fear is that Romney will bring his evangelical agenda into Washington if he is elected, ignoring the concept that this country was founded upon to separate church and state. Making homosexuality illegal simply violates human rights. (as his friend and advisor Jay Sekulow has backed).

Jo, I think Anne Lamott also says "Whatever" and "Oh well" are acceptable prayers! :)

Hi Jo, Thank you for writing & sharing your experiences with Hurricane Sandy. A lot of your words made me tear up. I live in Toronto & was relatively unaffected by Sandy but my heart goes out to my American friends in NY & NJ. Watching the devastation on TV & hearing all the stories of loss & hardship hurt my heart. All of this is definitely hard on your M.E./CFIDS. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself.

Jo Yes, dear, you are so right: "One thing that has helped me is to let myself feel what I feel without judging it, and give myself space to go through it rather than immediately rush to pretend things are ok." Just keep in mind that the "you" that is giving yourself space to go through it dwells in a state that is perpetually OK (no pretense.) You already know this - and that is why you continue to shine and bring light to so many. Someday what you're going through now will all be a memory. Life is amazing. Wishing you well

That was an amazing interview with Priscilla Warner. Thank you Jo!
- Tina

Your photos contain such sincere and beautiful silences. They create openings for endless variations of -- dreams and imaginings -- and leave room for personal revelation and insight. This is something I love about art and your art -- a bridge, literally. I also love that you are willing to be open -- strong and vulnerable -- through sharing your personal stories -- musical, pictorial, poetry and other writing -- as well as the inspired Zentertainment dialogues. Your willingness allows us the opportunity to also be open -- strong and vulnerable -- to connect to yours and our own stories. What you share shows how deep is your compassion -- for yourself, for others, and for all creation. Thank you!

Listening now- thanks for sharing Jo & Priscilla!
- Shari

Yes Jo, PLEASE Record record record!
- Elizabeth

Thank you SO MUCH for the episode with Priscilla Warner.
- Valerie

Jo- Thanks for the episode with Andy Cutler. Dr Paul Genung, has been preaching to his patients for 30 years to avoid mercury fillings, even to the point of getting his dental license revoked for a few years as its an unpopular opinion in the dental world. He has helped hundreds of folks in Seattle to properly remove mercury from their system(s). Health Conscious Dentistry is his business AND his life passion.
- Emily

Wonderful interview with Mariel Hemingway Jo! Thanks for posting this.
- Dee

Jo You've interviewed one of my lifelong idols - yeah! :) I've loved Mariel Hemingway since I was little and first saw her in Manhattan. I Admire her on so many levels, I'm sure she must've appreciated the platform for her environmental concerns, and your own positive spirit.
- Rachael

Jo We have to somehow inspire President Obama to quit supporting this ridiculous corporation...Monsanto....it's the main thing he does that makes me question him all around.
- Lisa

Jo, Robert Greenwold put out a film through Brave New Films called "The Koch Brothers Exposed" I donated to the project a while back and proudly wear a T-Shirt that I have been given a lot of grief about from my Republican friends. www.kochbrothersexposed.com I think its finally been released and is showing around the country in small venues.
- David

Money is power and the Koch Brothers use it for the improvement of their own corporate profits PERIOD. The extent of their reach is truly beyond anything I could have imagined.
- Martha

Jo- regarding Paul Ryan lies-that's the secret to rewriting history. Just keep saying it until it's reported enough times that the public is confused then convinced!
- Karen

Jo- even someone at Fox News is acknowledging the unconscionable amount of bald-faced lies... Maybe there is some hope. www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/30/paul-ryans-speech-in-three-words/#ixzz252KCoPO7 People can get information at Factcheck.org or Politifact.org.
- Ellen

Lyin' Ryan... It's a campaign of lies because they can't win any other way.
- Michael

Jo, What camera are you using, if I may ask? Of course it's the photographer's skill that counts more to make such terrific shots!
- Mila

Jo THANKS for the mercury info. I will check out out.
- Julie

Wow, Jo, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a sweet and never patronizing way! Please keep us posted on your new projects! All the best from Argentina,
- Hermann

Beautiful photos Jo. My daughter is now a photographer enthusiast, and took classes this summer. She is taking photos EVERYWHERE we go. Had to smile when you wrote this, as it's such a wonderful passion to have, and opens the eye to the smallest beauty that might be captured. Always love your posts here!
- Juliann

Dear Jo, whom I have not met but feel as though I know, I went to your website and saw some of your podcasts are archived. Wandering around I could not find out if they were still available elsewhere, or if they are "gone" from public access? Thank you for what you do. With kind regards,
- Margaret, Ontario, Canada

Jo's Note: After awhile, certain episodes get archived and are no longer available. You can always click on the guest's website through the show page to find out more. Make sure to download episodes when they air, and you will always have them!

Jo I do believe that you have lyrics to one of your songs that claims "life is messy"...so true! I have also given up on sweating the small stuff. My profession encompasses too many large life issues and I only have energy to focus on what really matters.
- Liz

Dear Jo, You're such a beautiful woman! There is so much love in your eyes. If you should find the time, I'd like to recommend this speech by Jon Kabat-Zinn on YouTube to you. I watched it yesterday, it made me very calm and happy. Its title is "The Healing Power of Mindfulness": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_If4a-gHg_I&feature=g-all-a&list=PL4F83238F2DE0B009 Love and greetings from your German listener
- Anke

Jo, Your photographs are surreal. Beautiful.
- Haruko

Jo I really enjoyed your piece on Nora Ephron!
- Terri

Why Isn't That Enough please :) The writer of that Meatloaf song is the lovely Jo Davidson who I've met only once, nine years ago. Her album Simply Said Sessions changed my life.
- Sean

Jo, I find women's gymnastics totally amazing. Especially the balance beam. I will get Shawn's book.
- Bobbie

Jo Well, you are just a tad interesting.(and inspirational).
- John

Jo I love how you transform your struggles into something beautiful and poetic...
- Lisa

J0 ?$900 for a pair of shoes just seems like a criminal waste of money. No matter how much money I had, I couldn't justify spending that on a pair of sandals!
- Jennifer

Jo Everyone knows that the shoes one wears clearly indicate what king of human being you are! Surely? (Oh god.... well posted, Jo....)
- Paul

Jo- Good for you. I agree with you 100%. Americans sure have lost sight about what is really important.
- Martha

Jo- You mean that Kim K didn't have any influence on you? I thought everyone wanted to be like her. NOT!
- Rossana

Jo we have to somehow inspire President Obama to quit supporting this ridiculous corporation Monsanto... it's the main thing he does that makes me question him all around.
- Lisa

Thanks Jo for always having uplifting guests on your show!
- David

Loved the interview with Shawn Johnson. Now I just have to finish reading the book.
- Atwood

Jo, Regarding the Shawn Johnson interview - I like that you discussed having a healthy body image and accepting where we are today. Not comparing to a past self and achievements. Good advice! And great questions in the intro and newsletter.
- Alice

Jo, you're stunning as always. I admire your natural beauty!
- Rick

You're a very talented photographer Jo!
- Dee

Jo You inspire me. You should be given an honorary medical degree if nothing else! Keep the positive energy flowing!
- B

I just listened to your interview with Rick and enjoyed the energy between you!
- Al

Hey Jo I am excited to read this book by Rick Hanson. When I saw that it was 52 things you can do to benefit your brain, I almost jumped out of my chair, because just now I am finishing writing a book titled 57 Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Reboot Your Life!
- Luther Jo, Loved your Bob Greene interview. I'm sharing it. Thanks!
- Rebecca

Jo, I really enjoyed this "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" interview and could totally relate. You talked about ham and cutting the ends off...Yea, I wonder how many other things we do or have done, that was not needed. I enjoyed this a lot!
- Bobbie

Jo, I just saw your You Tube video, "Venice." Loved it...It captured my imagination...almost haunting in a way. I felt I was listening to a score from a movie. I could not help but to watch your hands melodically move back and forth over the keyboard... and just as your music told a story...so too did the movement hands add to the emotion of it. I listened a few more times and each time I experienced the same thing. Thanks Jo.
- Ron

Jo: LOL! Your original newsletter header actually really caught my eye, grabbed my attention, and got me to thinking...Perhaps both are true. Big Changes, small results. Small Changes, big results. The reality is that sometimes big changes only yield small results, at least initially. As a family law attorney (and as an imperfect human being on a sometimes very challenging journey) I continue to remind myself and others that growth, no matter how seemingly insignificant, should not be overlooked, underestimated, or under appreciated. Sometimes, it takes a lot of hard work and big changes to create just a little growth. Small can still be mighty though, and every so often it prepares us to move toward new paths that might otherwise be inaccessible without that little tiny bit of growth... Isn't that what patience is sometimes all about?
- L

Jo, I've lost so many special things over the years from having my stuff stored and strewn about for many years... It is true we feel connected to certain things energetically...i hope paring down and organizing, in my case, will help me regain some misplaced things and also be lesson in letting go...
- C

Jo: So today at work is Take your Daughters & Sons to Work Day and I planned an activity for the kids this morning... VISION MAPS! Aren't you proud!?! :) Sometimes my older sister does rub off on me. :)
- Lisa

Dear Jo, Your newsletter "mistake" is sooo beautiful to me. It shows the greatness of polarity in every corner of our existence. We can't run away from it. In every word we say, in every thing we do, in all that has been done and still will be done there is the opposite already within and about to be born. And when we laugh, I think, God is laughing, too. Especially when it's an honest and deep laughter right from the bottom of our heart. Many greetings and love from Germany!
- Anke

Jo, I spent years feeling like I was making big changes and getting small results. Fortunately that has turned around for me now!
- T

Jo- I feel that the most important thing on earth is interactions between people and also within ourselves. Talking honestly to another brings out the truth in oneself - truth that makes life worth it all, energizing and fun. Truth that connects me to the other... and the other... and the other...
- Ann

JO- You and your music had an extraordinarily profound effect upon my life at a time when things could not have gotten much worse. Your CD "Kiss Me There" was without a doubt the most influential album I've even experienced. "Fragile Tough Girl" quickly cut to my soul and helped me to get to a place where I felt safe enough to be fragile without being emotionally inaccessible. I can't explain it, but walls came tumbling down and, for the first time in my life, I began to write poetry. My very first poem was awkwardly crafted. I spent the next few years processing and healing through poetry. When I couldn't write I'd play your CD. Your words and music affected me in ways I'll never quite understand. Defenses would crumble with each note and I began to embrace and release my fragile self through a poetry. I'd like to say I still write, but for now I've put my pen to rest. I'm grateful to say my life is peaceful to the point that I struggle to find fodder for passionate poems (It seems my poetry was fueled primarily by angst). But as I contemplated my "happy birthday" yesterday I felt a need to thank you for your role in helping me get to a place where I could truly celebrate my birth day. Thank you for all you do and all you share. With much gratitude,
- Lynn

Phenomenal interview with Martha Beck. I have gotten so much from this.
- Julia

I liked your insight about our culture wanting us to bloom all the time. So true! I also enjoyed hearing about Cheryl Wilfong's month-long retreat ("no new input"; love that phrase) and how she meditated for/about the friend she was on the outs with. "Appreciative joy" for others is another great topic. In other words, you zentertained me. :) Great work!
- Alice

Jo, I love your pictures. You have quite an eye for beauty- I must say!
- Margaret

Jo, you do such nice work with colors...last year your delicate pinks..now these interesting bright colors... and of course...your serene tan and blue beach colors...love it.
- Nan

Your Nyc Old and New photo looks like a 1940's painting! Gorgeous colors and contrasts!
- Erin

Thanks for sharing the breathing meditation. I read it in 'Peace Is Every Step' by Thich Nhat Hahn and it is a great verse for walking meditation as well. I love it.
- Jyotshna

I learned so much from the Martha Beck podcast...thanks Jo!
- Cybele

What a great interview! So much positive energy from you and Martha Beck. And so many gems. "The body's truth is always ahead of the mind's lie" is my favorite. Thank you for reminding me to rest-rest-rest-play-play!
- Alice

Oh, I'm so proud of you that you are fighting through this. My internal chant for you is "Get it out! Get it out! Get it out!" Hang in there. Hugs, hugs and more hugs! E p.s You're my friend because of who you are, not what you do or give.

Jo I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I can't even imagine the frustration. Just so you know your courage and bravery and honesty inspire me. I know it doesn't feel like it but you are an amazing woman who has used your talents even in the face of pain and suffering to help others. I feel lucky to know and love you and I'm sure Tommy feels the same. Life isn't fair but we take what we have and make the best of it I guess. I love you!
- Christine

U r a fierce, strong woman. U can get through this!!!
- Lisa

Hey Jo - just want you to know you have my love, prayers, and support!
- Barb

Hang in there Jo .... Praying for you.
- Tiffany

Hi Jo, I am not sure what to say, but my heart goes out to you as I know your situation sounds like a unimaginable challenge, and yet you are turning into a positive. I have been struggling about seven years...I've thought about "going public" with my health struggle, but I never felt ready. I admire your courage and forthrightness. Thanks for sharing.
- S

Thanks for sharing the Gerson Therapy info Jo. More people need to know this!
- Michelle

I just read your post and I wish you much healing during your intensive time. I know you've suffered so much in the past few years. I do have to give you a huge acknowledgment though for making so much good out of what has happened to you. You're amazing with all you have built and all your beautiful photographs, writing, interviewing and making others aware of so many wonderful people and books that are out there. Your voice, music and message are wonderful. Keep having faith and love for yourself. Sending you lots of love and tons of healing. I am counting on a miracle for you:) love,
- G

Jo - Thinking and praying for you!! You have so much to offer the world I hope the treatment is a success!!
- Darcy

Jo, I am very proud of you and I know how hard it is. You are doing so well with all this tough stuff. xo
- C

You're definitely bolder than I with what you experiment with. Good luck with it. I hope you're feeling much better very soon!
- L

Jo, I learn and become aware of sooo much from you...thanks for being there for those of us who take things for granted...sending you get well hugs...
- Pat

Thinking of you sweet girl...keep being the strong girl that you are...sending lots of love your way...
- Tina

Loving thoughts and prayers for you from Canada!
- Catherine

Wow, Jo, this is overwhelming but standing on the outside looking in, it sounds like exactly what you need. I don't doubt that you will go through what may feel like hell while all of this does its necessary work. You will need someone or several someones to care for you, encourage you, and keep you on track even if it is just to hold you or not let you give up on this. We still pray for you every night. We will continue to do so!
- Ellen

Jo, Holding you in the LIGHT!
- Tamara

Best wishes for your complete recovery, Jo! I know you can do it!
- M

I will be lighting candles for you. Give em hell!
- Jim

Jo, Much strength and positive vibes. I'll be praying for positive results and healing.
- Laura

Thinking of you Jo...you are in my prayers!!
- Carolyn

Even as you struggle with this detox regimen, your warmth and beauty shine through. My wish to you is for a speedy return to good health.
- Helene

God works in mysterious ways and I believe he must have a grand plan for you! My thoughts and prayers are with you always.
- Meg

Thanks for your show on lyme with Connie. I honestly think that most Lyme patients are dealing with either past and or present mold issues. If you have had past exposure you still need to bind it out if you have not already and all homes have mold even if they don't have visible water damage. You just need to figure out which molds and are the levels harmful.
- Marjorie

For mold detox, I am using Cholestepure. I am doing Allergy Research Acetyl-Glutathione (very expensive but helping), portable far-infrared sauna is helping and also Boswellia AKBA. Also things started to shift with KPU protocol.
- Joyce

What a beautiful picture of the butterfly. God makes beautiful living art.
- Debi

Your posts and links to additional information regarding this HPV vaccination, have totally freaked me out... I am in shock and angered at what I have read, and in how deceived we are...makes me so upset that I want to cry, this is a tragedy... (For info on the HPV vaccine please see the following links): *FACT: As of June 22, 2011, VAERS received a total of 18,727 reports of adverse eventsfollowing Gardasil® vaccination.
- Tina

I was upset that my daughter's peditrician gave my daughter this shot without warning me, because she was 18yrs at the time before college. She never received her followed up ones.
- Angela

I saw an ad in a magazine recently encouraging males to get the HPV vaccine too. Can you believe the absurdity of it? Thanks for spreading the message about the dangers.
- Michelle

Talk show host Alex Jones has been talking about this since its inception. And details of Rick Perry's part in the whole thing.. Actually Alex has been talking about any and all forced inoculations for many years, including the affects, health issues and just how ILLEGAL and Unconstitutional it is. Perry is a bad seed...
- Kirk

The GOP doesn't believe in ANY government regullation EXCEPT when it comes to the privacy and confidentiality of a woman's body. Then no problem...they have THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT to your body, invading your body physically, taking medical documentation and in making you take unwanted pharmaceuticals.
- Martha

My daughter is 16 and a few years ago when they vaccinated the girls at school she was the only one in her age group who did NOT get the HPV. I stopped my family from receiving vaccines about 16 years ago!
- Shari

There needs to be a vaccine. If Guardisil is dangerous then a different one needs to be formulated.
- Melissa

What next .. A vaccine for hang nails or near sightedness? Has anyone ever READ the packet insert of the vials that the Gardisil comes in? Or the insert on your typical FLU shot that is being rolled out once again with TV commercials etc? There are many in SCIENCE and independent research facilities that will debate the actual reliability of ANY vaccine to have any effect at all.. People pump these So called cures into their body because the media hypes it. Then BIG Phama provides it... Without Long term testing and follow up..... Then we wonder why cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and a huge amount of other auto immune disorders are on a steep steep climb in this country in recent years.
- KP

I am opposed to all vaccines and especially the HPV one, Thanks for helping raise awareness. Right now Joe Mercola is urging us all to call California and protest a new law that would not only make it compulsory but allow authorities to scoop up kids and vaccine them without the parents even knowing. No end to this. . .
- Kaayla

Thanks for sharing info on the HPV vaccine. If Rick Perry becomes president, Gardisil vaccines will be the least of our worries. He will make the conspiracy theorists right!
- Jen

You always seem to bring some sort of remarkable sustenance in unusual and challenging times. I think your 9-11 poem is both poignant and thought-provoking. Thanks so much, yet again.
- Elizabeth

This is an alarming piece on Fox News and how it's not a news station (duh) but actually creates talking points and really drives the direction of the right wing. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-roger-ailes-built-the-fox-news-fear-factory-20110525
- Brad

I had to stop watching Fox news about 6 years ago. I value information from both sides of the political spectrum but the irrational, unreasonable and downright bs was NOT valuable information. Its nothing more than fear based ideological dogma that cares nothing about facts or reality!
- Ellen

Sometimes I feel doctors are more committed to the "outcome" than they are to their patients. When they can't find answers they throw their hands up in frustration and blame it on the patient. Don't be manipulated by a physician who in is short sighted, impatient and intolerant and not a real problem solver. I can't tell you how many doctors I have been totally disgusted with. Many I have thought I should report to the medical board but just didn't have the energy. I just keep looking for answers elsewhere.
- Martha

Why is it that when the doctor's mess up they make it our fault some how?!!
- Karen Hey there! I love this post and also love how I seem to be in sync with your book recommendations .... I literally just started reading Today We Are Rich the day before I got this! - Luther

Jo-Loved your new show with Tim Sanders... the promise making (and necessary follow-through) resonated deeply... that is what I am all about... You have to be a person of your word... SO TRUE. - Tom

Hello Jo, Thank you, as always, for your inspirational words. Yesterday I looked up from my book and witnessed a sea gull actually snatch a sandwich out of a woman's hand. What was great about it was that she did not dissolve in anger, rather she laughed and stated that obviously the gull needed the sandwich more than she. It was a lovely moment. What always captures me about your words is the necessity of training our minds in a positive direction. I seldom watch the news because it just strikes me as such bad karma all over the place. I prefer to check out and live in my own private peaceful space. After the past 10 months I have had, I am craving quiet and sane reflection. Please keep sharing those thoughts Jo, Best, - Liz

Hello Jo, The small miracles of life are always worth embracing. As always, I loved your inspired commentary that consistently has the most positive of slants. There really is a miracle in each day and the trick is to be cognizant enough of your surroundings so as not to miss it. Even in the midst of sadness, I try to keep things in perspective. You help me do this with such beautifully timed emails. Never underestimate your impact. Best, - Elizabeth

Jo I wished I was your neighbor! I could listen to you play the piano all day! - Joy

Jo- That is just great about your neighbors. I know if I go around singing that I definitely do not get the same response! - Missy

Jo-Your librarian look- studious, but still Sexy Jo! ;) - Eric

Jo - I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Less an interview than a discussion between friends (that is how it sounds). Cynthia O'Neal is the kind of person one hopes there are plenty of. Both she, and you, make for a wonderful listening experience. - Paul

Jo- In those glasses- like a "settled Bond Girl" - breathtaking, but ready to beat you up in conversations about world economics, foreign affairs, ethics, religion and the latest clearance at "Target" ;) - Carsten

Your interview with Cynthia O'Neal was wonderful Jo, what a lovely soul and great interview! - Tina

Jo What the power of prayer and faith in prayer can do! Keep up the work- - Teresa

I Love your interviews Jo...Thanks for sharing! - Pamela

Hey Jo I have avoided both alpha lipoic acid and taurine. COQ10 has helped me with energy. Cilantro when attempting to detox. Plates of it....and a Far Infrared Blanket.... - Lissa

Jo Thanks for the AMAZING new info from Dr. Teitelbaum! - Shari

Jo Finally got to listen to this interview on soy. Great job, Jo! False (propaganda) science that promotes soy is poor science indeed! Very occasionally I'll have a soy-type veggie burger or some such thing, but I treat it as a departure from good food. A sorta 'bad treat'! But.. people eat that stuff everyday? Ouch! - Paul

Jo, It was amazing when I received this message on self compassion. Thank you, this is such a theme I need to embrace.
- Tina

Jo, Self-criticism is toxic, but so hard NOT to do. Thanks for posting the info on self compassion. It's a good resource to help me re-center and focus on the positive, strengths instead of tearing myself apart!!!
- Lisa

Jo, Jo, I recently listened to your radio interview of Dr. Neff. I linked it and your page to my website. I've also signed up for your newsletter. I look forward to exploring your site more. Warm regards,
- Patty

Jo I watched the trailer for the Horse Boy just now, it's amazing, it made me cry. The sound track sounds beautiful, as well and the cinematography and story line itself! I will either get the book or the DVD. I am dating a wonderful man who has a horse/cattle ranch, and I know he'd enjoy it as well!
- Kimberly

Jo, I'm listening to your podcast right now with Rupert Isaacson. I'm ordering the DVD also right now. What a great trailer. :) Several of my good friends have kids with Autism. You always turn me on to the coolest stuff. :) Thank you. :) Oh...and I have to go back and listen to your interview with Jonathan Goldman...I love his work! I had no idea you just did an interview with him. This podcast with Rupert is great!
- David

Jo, What a story! (the Horse Boy Movie). I look forward to seeing it and hearing your interview. You have a beautiful heart!
- Lee

Jo- Great interview with Rupert Isaacson!
- Ryan

Jo- The Horse Boy move looks cool. I am adding it to my netflix queue!
- Roland

Jo- I saw the Horse Boy movie awhile ago on PBS I think it was. Great film!
- Jennifer

Jo, The Horse Boy looks like a beautiful documentary!
- Marjorie

Jo, I had heard about The Horse Boy before and wanted to see it. Thanks for the reminder!
- Marian

I got chills and teared up reading your poem (The Great Mystery, the Spring Poem, or Something Else). I love how you transitioned from your own personal pain to the general pain that women & other minorities have experienced d/t white Christocentric male-driven religious (ethnic, racial, sexual) hypocracy over time. 'I ponder awhile until the movie behind me ends and the credits fade....I close the day like the pedal of a tulip in the night' illustrates well how you rode out that particular wave of pain/anxiety like the ROCK STAR that you r!!! U go grrrrrrrrrl!!!! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks for all you do, Jo. I find your emails, and the interviews one often finds within, inspirational. And maybe above all I love your music!

Jo One of the many insights from this interview with Elise Ballard that I loved is that God/The Universe/whatever you call that power of Love conspires to support us in everything we do. The doors will open, if we take action.

Dear One ... Your Sweet Soul shows itself once more ... and I hear it as it calls out to the Word with questions ... questions that turn out to be the very answers themselves ... answers to "the great mystery that is." ... Loved your metaphor "I spin my songs on the loom of my longings" ... and you do it so well my friend. :) Blessings

Jo "I pin each thought like an article of clothing on a clothes line and wait for it to dry out under the warm gaze of the moon so that I can go to sleep" Such a beautiful, thought-filled, love-full poem. Thank you. I feel inspired.

Jo, I always love when your songs pop up on my shuffle. Thanks for all that you've given us.

Jo My pregnant patients asked me about having this H1N1 vaccine all the time last year when their MD's were putting them under pressure to do it. Many felt too scared not to have it - such was the fear mongering. As an acupuncturist it's outside the scope of my license to advise on vaccination but I can say that personally I would never have had the swine flu vaccine.
-Jill B

Jo Go to www.NVIC.org for information on adverse affects of vaccines. Also please raise awareness of what is going on with Gardasil. We have to stop testing these on our girls and ruining their health. And there is research starting on the Autism vaccine relationship via inflammation of the brain. Thanks Jo.

Jo, It's shameless. Tax breaks for the wealthy and the corporations...and tax havens so they don't pay any taxes at all. Corporate welfare abounds, but they slam the working class, elderly, disabled, the arts, and more. It's twisted and un-American.

Thanks Jo for the inspiration!

Jo On Maca- and I have run out actually. I was buying bulk and putting in shakes. It does taste strong though- possibly capsule form would be nicer! I must try the peppermint oil thing- I do have that. As for the chia seeds- well I do confer, because even my 16 yr old daughter said she gets hungry part way through the morning at school if she does not have the chia seeds in her morning shake!

Jo Chia seeds arrived today. :):) Thanks for suggestion ! I also got an order of coconut water and coconut oil for cooking. Love the water. WAY better than gatorade!

Love your poems!

I tried Chia seeds you recommended for energy. They were great! No tiredness during that late afternoon time I generally have. Thx 4 th info!

Jo, My take on raw chocolate is that it is rather like any other natural medicinal and can heal or harm depending on dosage. If you eat it in the same way as people eat ordinary chocolate bars then you end up eating too much of the active ingredients and there can be side effects. This is why it has gained a reputation for being toxic - because large doses can negatively effect the liver and kidneys. So less is more where raw chocolate is concerned and a small amount can be very beneficial. It is highly nutritious containing phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins that can benefit health, calm the mind and even balance hormones.
-Jill B

Jo, If only society as a whole would recognize that the damage done to a woman's psyche is EXTREME when we have been violated, maybe things would change. Its so horrible that people find Charlie Sheen entertaining, on that misogynistic show OR in real life. Regardless of what a woman does for a living, the terror they feel is very real when threatened or assaulted. Its such a shame that our culture reinforces bad behavior, and allows women to be seen as disposable and interchangeable. It really is sick.

Your pictures are always perfect!

I always think that supplements to a diet is necessary if the diet is failing - but mostly, a good fresh diet with unadulterated natural food is the first important step. After a time, one's own body will tell you what is missing. It takes... time. And then more time.

Jo, I listened to this interview with Kristine Carlson, and I read through the transcript on your blog posting. A very open, honest woman ... and a very brave woman too. When people like her talk so openly and honestly they can empower so many others. She is so self-aware, so honest, and filled with such generous good humour. Best wishes from Dublin,


Jo, Wonderful interview with Kristine Carlson. It seems that because she's living so deeply in the moment, that these miracles happen. I'm almost disbelieving that the guy who sat behind her husband on the flight and tried to give him CPR-----was on a flight with her on a small plane years later???

Jo, I enjoyed reading the transcript of your interview with Kristine Carlson. It's always interesting to hear other peoples experiences and how they deal with adversity. Thanks for sharing!

Jo, fabulous interview with Kristine. Beautiful.

Jo, There was so much tangible healing evident through Kristine's pain. What a remarkable testament of God's grace.

Hi Jo ... enjoyed the interview ... it was quite positive and uplifting ... Kristine is a wonderful example of someone who did the difficult work of grieving ... and after several years she pulled out of it and ready to move on. She would give hope to many who are currently going through the painful grieving process. She shared so much truth of how it was for her ... good times and very rough times. Loved her stories like Richard's cup of coffee. I have already suggested to a friend of mine to go to the link and listen to the interview.

Very nice interview Jo. It was so much from the heart. Kristine's tips on handling grief, and especially how to hold space for those that are going through their process and not being trite shows listeners the proper etiquette as well as true compassion. Thanks for sharing her wisdom.

Fantastic interview Jo. What a great example is Kristine. The sudden death of someone close can have a completely debilitating impact on many of us who experience it. Helpful to see how others handle it.

Jo, "I'm not sure people ever get over it. They work through it and overcome, but i dont think they really ever get over it". Such a profound, but deep,true statement...

Hey Jo Not sure if you read my ten best books of 2010 but on the list was 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away by Dr. Rashid Buttar. It contains lots of wisdom. And he has helped those that others have given up on. He has trained other Docs in his methods as well. His is an integrated system of health that is worth considering. I admire your music and courage!

Jo, I love the deepest growth in the valley statement that you put in your post on holiday tips- true. It's a wonderful idea to help everyone for whatever they are going through or whatever valley they are in..

Jo, Kristine Carlson's experience of loss sounds so like my daughter's experience: one minute life and love seems secure, in a flash it is gone. I love your Dreambook ideas. I may copy it and make my own!

Jo, That interview with Kristine Carlson deeply moved me. I'm a clinical counselor and have dealt often with grief issues. My thoughts (geez, where to begin): 1. The healthcare professionals telling Kristine her husband "expired" - that is absolutely unacceptable! Why did they not have a social worker or clinical counselor with them at that moment to provide crisis intervention/counseling services!? Or at the very least, communicating the news in more appropriate, sensitive manner?!
2. How she explained the difference btw depression and grief was right on. (paraphrased): '...depression happens to people who don't grieve, repressing their emotions inward....' Grieving is expressing all those feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness outwardly, if you keep it inside, it will definately turn into depression. Clinically oriented defs: Depression - http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003213.htm Grief - http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/complicated-grief/DS01023
Also, Elizabeth Kubler Ross was a trailblazer in defining grief according to five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance: http://grief.com/the-five-stages-of-grief/
3. It was so valuable to hear Kristine's perspective on what to say to friends, family members, aquaintences, etc. when they've experienced the death of a loved one. It always amazes me how insensitive people can be when they are trying to "help." Her suggestion to say something like (paraphrased): 'I have no idea what you might be going through/feeling, but I'm here for you and feel so deeply for u and your family,' and then offering to do something for them is tremendously helpful for all people to hear so they can help their friends/loved ones in a more meaningful manner instead of further traumatizing them.
4. Evidence of a higher power - the story about the coffee cup, image on wall at sunrise, and running into a man on a plane who was on the flight when Richard died (and helped to carry his body to the terminal) made me tingle! Those incidents were much more than a coincidence, I believe, and speak to how others who are close to you continue to communicate and be with you after death.

Jo, You find the best supplements! And create the most yummy smoothies. And then there is your inspired music. Photography. Art. ...

Jo, You rock....keep up the good fight!

Your music makes us breathe...happy new year Jo!

Jo, Great post! (Life lessons from my MacBook Pro Computer). I can relate, especially to the ohio winters with a tank half full of gas, "i'll do it later" mentality,but you're absolutely right, just better to take care of things when prompted and stay plugged in..

Jo, Thank you again for asking me to be a part of this collection of holiday tips....I am honored...

Great idea, Jo. Lots of people need these holiday tips and this type of advice. Happy holidays!

Great message and the video you made with your niece is awesome. I am still smiling!

Jo, I LOVE it!!! Ryder and I listened to your kids music song/video a few times today. Great job!

Jo, your song is fantastic, you should do a kid's album.

Just wanted to let you know how much we love the photos we purchased from you!

Jo, Your 9-11 short movie totally hits the nail on the head: "Love is the only light at the end of the tunnel... All other roads lead to darkness." If more people adopted this perspective, the world would be a much happier, and peaceful, place. Thanks, Jo!

Jo Your 9-11 video. All I can say is WOW! Such a testament to the fact that still video can move you as much as motion based video. I am so impressed by the harmony between the music, text, and photography ! You should be so proud.

Jo This is a gorgeous tribute and remembrance. I love what you've done---beautiful and poignant music and photos and thoughts...thank you

Jo I found your video about 9-11 so beautiful and inspiring. My words are few due to fatigue but wanted to say how much your work inspires me and also wanted to thank you for the post on cfs fibro and lyme disease. Gratitude,

Jo, Your film was very powerful; graphically great. Nice work.

Jo 3a.m./zombie/homework/stress/all vehicles breaking/job sucks/along comes Davidson/see her/watch her video/watch all of her/ tears/more tears/relief/enlightenment/hear her/Angelic/more tears/remberance/Peace/ somehowLIFE, my LIFE....aint so bad after all/Thank you for the 9-11 fim

Jo I love how you are so passionate about everything you do,especially your photography and music.The energy you get in return is abundant and thats what life is all about.You get out of it what you put in it.You have given me insight and inspiration just by being you.THANKS !!!

Jo, Thanks for you 9-11 video. Quite beautiful. Right on ... Love is a wonderful reason for Building Bridges ... Your efforts will be appreciated by many.

Jo, Wow....two words powerful and awesome! What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it with us

Jo, Message received. I wish the world would receive the message, really receive. I love your music too, phenomenal.

Jo, Your 9-11 film was powerful. Thank you.

Jo, Beautiful work!

Jo You have such great ideas and the talent to back them up. I am so happy to see you involved in all of these new projects. And I love your dedication to your fans and friends -- good times and bad times and lots of times in between. I love your writing. You are a very inspired person.

Jo, Outstanding!!!!!!!!! Love your Music! Love the Photography and Art Work! Just Amazing... Thank YOU so much for sharing...

Jo I only "know" you through your work. and will say, so much "you" oozes from this wonderful message..how focused you were to produce this compassionate, inspirational message. Yes...let there be peace...for our children.

I watched your 9-11 film last night - great video Jo!

Beautiful video Jo! Lovely sentiment, keep bringing love into the world ...

Hi Jo I have CFIDS, and I have "spells" or "episodes" of varying degrees where I feel VERY bad. Your film TRUST (beautifully executed, I might add) told a significant, poetic, drama about the need to find sanity amidst suffering. What is suffering good for?-An age-old question that I've heard a few answers for, and you hit upon the fact that our souls are being molded by the potter, readying them for the next great adventure. I was also taught (by Catholicism) that suffering is redemptive. We don't know how this happens, but sacrifice, pain, suffering all work to better our souls, the souls of others, and to SAVE in some way. It is a necessary condition that is shared universally and trying to escape our suffering when it is unescapable is counter-productive. This is a subject that really needs to be explored more, and your wonderful film is certain to be consoling to many because it is beautiful, uplifting, and tells some cosmic truths about things that are very hard to bear. It lets othes realize they are not alone in their pain, that it is a shared, good thing and that God can take it and transform it into what it needs to be. Hats Off to You, Jo!! With Much Love and Endearing Respect,

Jo, I talk to my plants all the time, and their beauty always seems to answer. Sometimes I believe we really have the ability to heal ourselves, given the knowledge. Chemo #4 was Friday (July 9th) and I'm pretty sick again, but you are always there with the inspiration and stubbornness neccessary to keep my spirits up. You have touched many more lives than you realize, I'm sure. Take care, my friend, and talk to us often!

Jo We in Ohio aren't upset that LeBron left as much as the way he did it. (Although the pain of the hometown kid leaving when he had everyone doing everything they could including surrounding him with whomever he wanted was heartbreaking enough.) I could go on and on but can I just also say I never in a million years thought I would be talking sports on Jo's page.

Jo Though I am not bugged that LeBron left, and think he deserves to check out the world a little bit... just am so sorry for the brew-ha he created with the big "announcement" -- and that he waited so LONG to do it. shabby. Your points are interesting though, and struck a chord ...

Hey Jo, Nice story abdout Gershwin and Berlin! Thanks for sharing. We're the only ones who can become first-rate at being ourselves ;-) And finding our unique voice. And, as artists, that's really our responsibility--to ourselves, and our world. Best,

Hey Jo, Enjoyed the Gershwin/Berlin story you shared ... one of the lines really hit home for me, " ... if you insist on being yourself, someday you'll become ... first rate ..." What more could anyone ask for?

Jo- I love how you maintain your sense of humor and transform the pain and discomfort into something creative and beautiful w/your music, photography, writing, etc.

Jo This is spot on! LBJ absolutely has the right to pursue his goals wherever he wants. It was incredibly hurtful and humiliating to see him tune out during the finals, witness all the media hype surrounding his free agent status, and then watch "The Decision." I think he just got caught up in all the hero worship, media attention, etc. and was ill-equipped to deal with all of that.

Jo, This was an awesome post, Jo. From one non-sports fan to another, I think you have a much more well-rounded view of this story than do ardent Cavs fans and {former} LeBron lovers. I admire how you picked up on the bigger lesson in this drama.

Jo You have such a talent putting your thoughts into words!

Jo "TRUST" was mesmerizingly stunning-- beautiful work!!
-xoxo, Lauren

Jo "Good heavens, Jo, what can you NOT do? You are totally brilliant and gifted. A real gem on this planet."

Jo- I just watched your film "trust", INCREDIBLY moving. I'm a blubbering mess.

Jo- Your "Trust" film is Ethereal and real, soul-touching, I can't think of any words. I could really feel every moment of the video like I was experiencing the same thing. Very touching. Thank you, Jo.

Hi, Jo, I just watched your film. Loved it. My friends and I have been experiencing some challenges and this film could not have come at a better time! Thank you for all you do.

Jo, your movie TRUST is lovely, inspiring and so comforting. It also put my challenges into perspective. I wish you health, love, and joy! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. All my best,

Jo Wow! I don't know what to say! Your film Trust is amazing! Love it! How did you do all that? Each picture goes with what you were saying so well. It's really beautiful!

Jo Your short film is beautifully done & so inspiring. Your struggles have allowed you to go so deep within & connect on a spiritual level that you may not have otherwise. You are sharing your soul with us. I am very grateful for that. Lyme can't beat you. It's trying but it can't. You're too strong.

Jo, thanks for your latest short film, I needed it!

Jo What a beautiful, moving piece. I love it!

Jo You do such great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing your film. Loved it!

Jo I love the fact u post where u're at...many folks can't handle that authentic place..or get too new agey, etc. So many talk about energy moving where thoughts are, but they forget (unless they understand energy in body) that attention goes where energy flows, so if there is blocks in body, no amount of fluffy stuff will shift that..

Hi Jo, Your garden video is so special. I like to watch it after a stressful day. Your show is informative and sassy - just like you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts of music, photography and passion!

Jo I love all your healthy eating tips and your newsletters. Thanks...And to think, you have musical talent as well. That's not fair...

Jo ... You are an amazing person ... for all that you do ... and all that you accomplish ... You just keep on creating in beautiful ways. You seem to have an inner calling to do so much ... always with Love ... with the end result ... that of creating more. Thank you Jo ... and please know that all you do is appreciated by many.

Jo Very interesting interview with Rod. I have been bouncing these extremes around in my head and body for years...and for me I feel moderation is key in everything...including diet. So I do some raw (love raw desserts, juices/soups)...all organic produce when possible, wild fish/free range meats on occasion, whole grains like spelt/oat/quinoa/manna sprouted bread/limited dairy/beans/raw nuts/lots of green veggies/limited soy as all that stuff is processed...probiotics...but I constantly wonder if I should try all vegan/raw for a while...my body just seems to need more protein and I get sick when I just do soy based stuff.. Great interview!!

Jo I retain water on the raw diet, so I have to steam at least. In Chinese Medicine they recommend warmed foods, not raw. I also eat grass fed beef, no hormones or anything, from our next door neighbor's farm. I'm getting really grossed out by any processed foods, gmo's, after reading Omnivore's Dilemna. I grow organically.

Jo, Your show with Rod Rotondi and your newsletter reminded me of some things that I can do for my body to be healthy and also some very simple things to do like the frozen fruit ice cream. I do see the difference in my kids when they eat healthy or junk that's for sure! Their behavior is totally influenced by what they eat. It's amazing to watch.

Jo The 29 gifts sounds great. I'm in! Will start tomorrow

Jo The 29 gifts sounds like a great idea. I'm in too!

Jo, Thanks for the Stephen Buhner interview!

Jo, I follow what the Westin A Price Foundation recommends for eating. And they say that for our bodies to function properly and to ward of disease etc. you have animal fats or some sort in your bodies. They recommend raw dairy (which we get in our milk club from PA) and all foods in their most natural state (pastured meats etc) they also recommend sprouting your grains, eating some fermented veggies all in order to have healthy flora and a fully functioning gut that is absorbing all the nutrients from the food you are eating. Also cod liver oil is a big thing of theirs (which we do too!). I have a happy strapping big boy so I think it's working for us well. And we are all skinnier and healthier now that we have switched to whole fat (for that is where the nutrients are) dairy from the farm. just my experience!

Jo I have gone vegan.It is alot of effort to make certain that you get all the nutrients that your body needs.I am no longer vegan

Jo, Your interview with Stephen Buhner was fascinating!

Jo After reading your interview with Rod, I bought a lot of cold, raw foods today. I eat a lot of veggies anyway, but I consciously focused on buying more raw food!

Jo What an awesome post on facebook (Manicures and other small adventures). You were just being a succulent wild woman! :) You should do the nail thing and cupcake thing more often!!!

jo Any time when we write, read and put out that great energy it feels good to be in it doesn't it? Thanks so much for all you do and are! Aloha from Hawaii,

Jo Fascinating interview with Rod Rotondi. I have to take issue with the "whatever works for you" dietary philosophy when it involves killing animals. Humans are not carnivores, and we don't have as much "biochemical individuality" as people like to let on. If you had two horses, you wouldn't feed one of them oats and hay and feed the other cheeseburgers. Horses thrive on oats and hay. Humans thrive on plants, and on the spiritual uplift of knowing they haven't contributed to the suffering of another sentient being.

Jo First of all, I would love to try some things on the menu at Rod's restaurants in Los Angeles. The past couple of years I've become mindful of sitting down to a colorful plate of food. I actually had a "raw" dinner that I prepared the other night, although I didn't think of it as "raw". I simplyt put really gorgeous, organic vegetables on a plate. I like what he says about people sitting down to eat together. That's how I grew up. Every night at 6:00pm, we'd have a family meal and talk about the day. We didn't take calls during dinner, watch tv or eat standing up. It was very calming.

Hi Jo, I definitely think the vegan diet is too extreme. Everything in moderation is the key to health, both physical and emotional health. :)

JO, I have had the pleasure of eating at Rod Rotundi's Leaf... yummie! I was diagnosed with MS in 1997... I changed my diet to eating NO processed foods... total organic, and 75% raw... I believe this is what helped in my healing, as I have not had to be on the injectable pharmaceuticals associated with MS. Environmental toxins are everywhere and unfortunately in food (Monsanto rings a "loud" bell)! And is why (in my mind) I had MS. When I changed my eating habits, my symptoms started fading away within 4 months. My Dr. was in disbelief. The only time I have a reminder of MS is when I mess up and let stress get outta control and forget to stay on track as far as eating non-processed foods. This year I planted a garden complete with Fava beans! Kinda fun to pick my own salads, beans, veggies, fruit and greens...(Living in SoCali doesn't hurt either...I can micro-farm all year) Hope all is well, and thanks for what you do...

Jo, I think it is possible to take these types of diets to an extreme. Like anything, it's about balance and knowing what works for you & what you need. I think because one of my main symptoms of CFS is dizziness, I have to be really careful about getting enough nutrients and eating regularly. If I cut too many food groups from my diet, my dizziness suffers. I think it's great what you do,

Hey Jo, There are many diets out there today ... each with stories of truly wonderful results ... each with a different reason for selecting it ... and often transformational. I do however trust the key component to any diet is the continued "belief" in the path and discipline the diet teaches and the attitude that is created and permeated within the heart, body and mind ... that together work in harmony with the diet to bring the success one desires ... that achieving this comes with one's committed practice of the teachings of the diet ... and adding it to one's personal "belief" system.

JO, I have never done an extreme diet because I believe everything is good in moderation.

Jo, I feel the oil spill is clearly a message from the spirit world to act now and change to natural resources. We really do need to move on this quickly.

JO, I agree with you completely. Another one that bothers me is all the PR on coal being clean - it is probably as distructive, maybe more so, as drilling for oil. This link has the best info on coal that I've seen http://www.ilovemountains.org/ We REALLY need to get away from using fossil fuels, and fast!
-Evelyn Hey Jo, I just got done watching your garden video. I know, it's been a while since you sent it. All I can say, after regaining my speech, is WOW! You never cease to amaze me. You are one of the most talented people I know. Your pictures are amazing. Your music is inspiring. You are a gift from God on this planet. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. Love,

Jo, I have been listening to your podcasts since their inception. You have led me to beautiful music, thought provoking books and inspired thinking. Thank you ,

Jo- Enjoyed your new YouTube video ... beautiful flowers with sweet and gentle music to guide the way. Keep up your delicious work. Regards,

Jo- I am BLOWN AWAY!!!! completely BLOWN AWAY by your new You Tube film/ video! WOW....I have been a POSTING FOOL over this pc of work. 5 starzz & THUMBS UP on youtube and THUMBS UP all around. Jo. Your talent is beyond words....the music so compliments the visual and vice versa. JUST BEAUTIFUL. You must release a CD of this music! I think this is what George Winston was trying to do ;) .. Congrats and keep this work coming. XX

Jo, I loved your new video! You are such a beautiful piano player. Amazing photography...it made me long for the fresh buds & blossoms of spring. They are on the way!

Jo, Just gorgeous, wonderful video. Love the photography...what a great combo! Thanks for sharing

Jo The new video is so beautiful... GREAT WORK.,...

Jo, Your new video- Beautiful! I really needed this today ...

Jo You are amazing! such an inspiration to those of us with unrelenting fatigue issues, like myself.

Hi Jo Your Flower Garden film was beautiful in every way... Thanks for thinking to send it along to me.

Hey Your new video is so very cool, Jo. Some talent you are!

Jo, AMAZING artistic creativity. Photography and music is breath taking AS ALWAYS~ that's what makes you so amazing Jo is your ability to push yourself to the limits of perfection. You are there.Love it.Take Care PEACE

Jo Very Moving... Outstanding work... and the Music is exquisite... I cannot explain it but tears just started streaming down my cheeks about the 2:01 time stamp or so...Thank You for sharing. ('Flower Garden video)
-Al Bree

Jo Your video is amazing! Some of the most beautiful photographs that I've ever seen

Jo Your new video is absolutely lovely. You are blessed with amazing talent!

Hey, Jo, I just listened to your interview with John Welshons. That was great. Thanks for letting me know about it. I just added the book to my wish list. So many insights. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. OX

Jo this flower garden video is so incredibly beautiful so creative some of them were Georgia Okeefe paintings! and the music was so moody and wonderful too!

Jo, I think you're amazing how you don't give up. I may be strong but if I had to endure what you have I would have curled up in a hole a long time and not accomplished anything. You still create. I admire you for that!

Jo, as always, what you sent is absolutely so timely and relevant. It's unbelievable. And I can say from my personal experience that it's so hard to get that resentment out, but what freedom when you toss it out!

Jo Your Flower Garden video took me to another place. AHH!

Jo- Loved the flower garden video- You are a gift!

Jo- Thank you for this information! Healing bowls sounds amazing, I used one once in meditation, it was really cool:)

Hi Jo, Thank you so much for your newsletter and your contribution to create more peace in the world.

Hey Jo, I found your latest newsletter very beautiful and full of positive energy. Those pictures of the tulips were magnificent. Colors are also vibration, just in another frequency than sound. And the things you wrote about healing with the help of sound or instruments were so inspiring. Thank you for that! I once got treated with Tibetan bowls last autumn by a health practitioner. She put them on my back while I was lying on my belly, she had several of them. It was really wonderful. Healing with sound and vibrations that stem from instruments is a fascinating idea. Maybe we're also performing some kind of healing on ourselves when we're listening to beautiful music or even more so if we're playing an instrument. I like that idea a lot. Maybe you also do. :) Have a nice day filled with beauty and love!

Jo, I never knew what Tibetan bells were--very wonderful sound. I will have to find a cd or two with this soothing sound on it. I hope you are well! Cheers,

Jo Loved your newsletter about the sound healing. And I LOVED the COLORS!

Jo I just listened to your new song on youtube. One word...AWESOME :) Thank you for sharing your music.

Jo Thank you for recommending this book What Happy People Know. I loved it. And I agree with your observation. It is certainly unlike any self help books that I've come across (and I've come across a great many).

Jo You are so gifted. Your music makes me feel inspired. Share more! You are one of my heros.

"Hey Jo! Dan Millman is such an inspiration to me. I read alot of self help books. They do me well. Read the Four Ageements, Awesome. cannot wait to check this new book out.

Hi Jo I hope all is well and you're not snowed in. I saw The Peaceful Warrior- I'm a huge Nick Nolte fan. Thanks so much for the email- I will have to check out Bridge Between Worlds!

Jo- You're such an inspiring woman. Keep up this important work!

Jo I've enjoyed looking through your albums on facebook. You have captured some awesome moments!!!

Hey Jo I just heard your song 'Fragile Tough Girl' on this movie called "Picture This!" with Ashley Tisdale that's playing on the ABC Family network right now. haha. My niece was watching the movie and all of a sudden I heard the chorus playing in the background and I was alll ahhhh wait I know that song!

Jo, Love your photography...what a gift!

JO you are a courageous talented woman - Love to you brave woman. Love

Hey Jo I've been listening to your music a lot again. "All Around Me" has become my 2010 anthem, finding good things to look upon. Take good care, my friend!

Jo Well said, (Your blog on Tiger Woods). I'm so sick of the tiger woods coverage. Like you said, it's not our place to judge him, he doesn't answer to us. When you become perfect you can start to judge others. (aka never gonna happen.)

Jo I would hate to have to give a press conference for the mistakes I've made in my life. I bet more than 50% of the population is addicted to something. I am not saying I'd stay with Tiger Woods if he was my husband, but addiction is a a baffling disease.

Jo, I say it is not our business to know. It is not our business to pry into peoples personnel lives. I don't know why the news media find such joy in dragging ones body over the coals over and over again. I say Tiggar has a problem let him deal with it privately and then go on with his life.

Jo, Those that are most judgmental project onto him the "disowned" part of themselves, the part that is capable of the very same acts. If they project it onto him, they hold the illusion of being absolved of the responsibility that they too can be immoral.

Hey Jo I had a friend say that Tiger's apology was really insincere and staged and how did I feel about it ... I said, "I hadn't really thought about it because he doesn't owe me an apology."

Jo I tell you all of the time, but I spend a lot of my time on my spiritual walks praying for you. PRAYING W/ FULL FAITH THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE 100% HEALED. You have learned ,it seems like, everything there is to know about healing. You are the ultimate medicine women, Dr. Jo. Seriously, you've been studying healing for over 14 yrs! You are so positive, gentle, loving. It seems like the oxygen therapy would feel good. Let's get that lyme out of there. You'll be performing again, sooner rather than later. You can know that you have my intense thoughts, feelings & prayers of healing for you every morning between 9-11 am & times like right now. Love to you.

Jo I was just thinking how much i miss the heavenly heat infrared sauna I had for years. i sold it when I moved and it helped me so much. I definitely have to invest in one when I have a place of my own. Thanks for the reminder about how much it does help!

Jo, I've been listening to your show as a podcast on the train and "inspiration" barely touches the feeling I get when I listen to zentertainment. Thank you so much for this beautiful labor of love Jo."

Jo. I am deeply moved at how many people all over the world come together to help out when others are in need...more so than ever before. People have indeed become more spiritual over the years, thanks to people like yourself, Jo, and places such as Gaia that is highly recognized and muchly enjoyed by many. Many actors, singers and journalists have also made a big difference in the world with their sharings of wealth and the beautiful spirit in which they want to contribute. Your passion to help people, seems to me, started at a very early age. To have been there in Haiti and do what you did gives me great joy and warmth to my heart. I think your an amazing, beautiful and charming human being and I thank God to have had this time in my life to be a part of loving and most kind generous souls, such as yourself. May you always flourish in all that you do:)

Jo I have a simple saying along the lines you suggest, "one man's ceiling is another man's floor." We take so much for granted. Cheers,

Jo, Nice work. Great pic of you in Haiti at 14 too. Love it all.

Hi Jo I finally had the opportunity to listen to your show about Faith. Absolutely loved it. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for doing the show.

Jo- I listened to the podcast on Happiness with Dan Baker, and it's really good! Thanks for sharing it.

Jo You've convinced me! I'm going to buy Dan Baker's book. Thank you Jo,

Look at you Jo...way ahead of your time, as always. Haiti has needed so much help for a long time. It took this apocalypse to make people notice.

Jo, I've just listened to your show about "Faith." Very moving. Especially, the part on Faith & the 19-year-old wounded soldier from Iraq. And thank you for making it sure that the dog barking in the background was Faith, 'cause I myself was wondering if it was her. So when you asked, it made me smile. :-)"

Jo- Faith the walking dog is amazing - loved that story. Love your website/podcasts:)"

Thanks Jo! Your podcast about Faith made me cry! Such a beautiful story! I am huge animal fan.... and believe so much in the power that animals have to help heal and nurture us.. We have always adopted animals through shelters. Your story about faith is one we can all learn from. Thank u for sharing it!!!

JO Incredible story......FAITH is an amazing dog. A true inspiration for each of us to learn from......

Jo- I just wanted to thank you for sharing the amazing story of Faith. What a true inspiration she is! I was touched!
-Jaimie B

I know a dog smile when i see one, and that dog is smiling.. so sweet...

Hi Jo! Just stopped by to say thanks! Not so easy...sometimes... livin' beneath an irish sky..... .....but I know where to get the colors ...... ....and today I found 'em again... touchin' the keys of ur piano! thanks

Jo What a delightful surprise. The Carol of the Bells was so pure that it hit on the aesthetic wavelength. So very well done. Happy Holidays.

HI Jo, Your show is great. I listened to an interview with Isha Judd and have been captivated ever since,looking at her articles and web page. I have ordered the book and dvd and look forward to receiving them. I will listen to some your other interviews too. Your work is sooo important. ( if we truly choose change.) Your creativity in all you do is the true reality, keep expressing it. Thanks and love

Jo- I spent my day yesterday at work listening to all of your CD's. I just get this feeling that all is possible while I am listening to your stuff. Your music just gives me the boost I need to pursue photography even more (my new found love). I get a creative, just go for it, attitude!!! I really have found nothing else that lifts me out of the "I can't do it" blues like your music does. thanks!!!!!!!
-Michelle S

Jo, Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your Xmas CD. Beautiful and Engaging.

Jo, I just want you to know how much I've enjoyed your beautiful holiday CD. ! The love you have put into your music has filled my home and heart!
-Michele D

Jo- Your holiday CD is a must have! And your voice and lyrics are amazing.

Hi Jo, Just listening today to your magnificent Xmas CD. Blows me away. thank you for your awesome gift of creative expression. So heartfelt. It's my favorite Christmas music ever.

Ya know, I never sat back and listened to your music till now. OMG Jo... its phenomenal! I just purchased all 4 of your CDs in download format, Thank you for turning me on to your stuff! I love it! :)

Jo, Your holiday music is beautiful. I bought a few copies to play in the office!

You are AWESOME Jo!!! Love! Love! Love! This holiday CD!!!!!!!!! and your originals too!!!!"

Hey Jo, I actually have your holiday c.d. on right now...It's so soothing.....you could advertise it as therapy. :) Erin

Jo I ordered "Merry Christmas & Happy New York" this morning, as well as, your Tell The Story cd..........they both seem to fit into the peaceful and calming category. I know I am going to really enjoy both of them........thanks so much!

Jo Just wanted to say we've been playing your cd in the office all week and everyone has enjoyed it. It is really soothing and beautifully played.

Jo- I just wanted you to know I received your CD and am listening to it as I type. It's lovely!

Jo- Thanks for the Guy Finley episode. PERFECT!

Jo- The Guy Finley interview is perfect for my experience this week!

Jo- Guy is one of my all time favorite writers. Thanks for sharing!

Jo- I am so impressed by your photos first, (on facebook) and then, just a minute ago, I checked out Zentertainment and heard your voice for the first time. I found your voice very healing and the topics very inspiring! I feel very fortunate to have met you here. Thanks! Best wishes,

The sea.......so calming.
The sky......God's palette of joy.
You......full of grace and beauty.

Thank you Jo for your wonderful gifts to all of us.

Thanks for the episode about the Life Force Diet. I am going to get that book!

Hey Jo You're wonderful! The Sark interview was awesome. I loved your song in too.
- Trisha

Hi Jo, I am very impressed with your strength and willpower while battling M.E. and lyme disease. To read your story and your uplifting insights gave me new hope and determination to keep a positive mindset on my own journey of physical challenges. I was diagnosed in 2006 with non-hodgkins lymphoma. All through this, I have listened to your music so many times. The deep feeling in your songs touches my soul. That is saying a lot, since not much else does these days. The loss of creating my own music has been hard to take as well. I just have not had the desire. But hearing what you are going through has rekindled my longing to warm up the studio again, and maybe put some of my current emotions to music. I do not know how it will turn out, but I look forward to finding out. Like you say; positive thoughts, and a smile in my heart. I am ready. Your new song "Too Many Wars" is fantastic! I like Nadia's song a lot as well. After listening to your interview with SARK, I realize how often "not good enough" has been in my thinking and has prevented me from moving forward. But, also at times, a fear of being successful has had the same results. Eventually both have to be unlearned. Thanks for the ear, music, and indomitable spirit!
- Randy Michael

Jo- The Sark podcast sounds great! And I love your song,
- Nadia

Jo- I love your voice and song!
- Stephen

Jo- The media lies.....mental pollution? These days I am hard pressed to tell the difference between swine flu and a so called reporter.
- Bert

Jo, Thanks for having me on your show. I thoroughly enjoyed your intelligent questions, approachable style, and your excellent efforts to empower your listeners with the knowledge they need to transform their lives. I am honored that our paths crossed and that you invited me to participate in your show. Kindest regards,
- Michelle Schoffro Cook, author of "The Life Force Diet" and more.

Hi Jo, I spent the morning listening to all your tracks again on myspace.com/jodavidson... so much emotion and beauty and piano playing to die for.
- Richard

Hi Jo... Always enjoy listening to your show...kind of a little mental break that allows for some positive energy in my hectic corporate life...
- David

Hi Jo, I want to say a very very big * Thank You * to you for the things you do: Your show, the wonderfully photographed pictures I am allowed to admire at your website, and from time to time an email, which really feels like there is a very close friend writing and caring. When I was a little down, I got a newsletter from you in my mail. Your lines at that time were for me a very important ingredient that helped me winning back a little bit of trust in life. I've always felt the wish that I want to write you something in return: Once, when I was still a young boy, sitting in a physics lesson, our teacher told us about rainbows. He told us about Descartes ideas, how a ray of light, when it enters a raindrop, is deflected and how it splits up into its colors. Well, your mails and your shows are like magical rays of sunlight you are sending through the internet, creating magical rainbows in the hearts out there (-: Sincerely,
- Holger

It was really fun to chat with you, Jo. You raise interviews to a higher level. Thanks for making the world a better place.
- Larry Dossey

Jo, Thanks for Alissa's story. I I really needed that! What a beautiful story and experience... our inner guidance system works if we allow it to... Loved the story of guy on the cell phone @ the airport too... lol keep up the great work, sendin' love n light,
- Gail

Jo- Imagination is such a good survival mechanism. When dreams become a reality as Alissa's did where she followed her dreams and was willing to relocate to follow them and have a new love... one thing to remember is we all have receivers and sometimes we shut them off. Alissa's dream was more premonition and destiny guided... Listening to the author puts a lot of sanity into knowing valid premonitions vs. fantasy.
- Lee

Jo - In your pictures, you seem to catch an appreciation of the simple beauties our world has to offer. There is symbolism in everything! I remember your tulips in NYC, they just represent more than words can say, and I get that. Love,
- Shannon

Jo! I have had premonitions... many of them. I have read Larry Dorsey. He is very interesting. Deep Bow!
- Ben

Jo, I do have occasional vivid and sometimes terrifying dreams, but I don't consider them premonitions (perhaps because I'd rather not consider the implications). I'll go ahead and listen to those podcasts, though; perhaps they might shed some light. And I'd be curious to learn about what else nightmares might indicate...
- Siona

Hey - I read in a book recently that the more lucid your dreams become the more dream like the waking world becomes. All dreams are meaningful but some are more significant and it's funny that I should happen upon this today after having a significant and disturbing dream last night. The meaning in that dream is being amplified and augmented in my unfolding day today! Sometimes I wish I could still blow it off as irrational! Well of course it is irrational but that only accounts for a small percentage of our experience, the rest is magic.
- Doug

Jo- I was at a party yesterday and several of us were speaking about whether the world of reality exists when our eyes are closed or open. Sometimes the two actually blur a bit for me. Wonder if anyone else is experiencing that also. I don't remember having a specific dream that changed my life as you describe. But I have had VERY lucid dreams that stay with me for a long time after I wake up. Maybe those change me in ways that I don't even realize. Thank you for this great discussion. You've tickled my brain.
- Katrina

Hi Jo, Kudos and Awards to this perfectly TRUE podcast. You really did an amazing job and I hope it gets out there on the web for all to see. I forwarded it to my groups. Blessings to you for standing up for what is right. Much love,
- Kathy

Hi Jo, Perfect!!! Thanks for being you... good energy and the truth will set people free.
- Lee

Jo- I Totally agree with you on the weirdness over the swine flu thing ... I have been thinking that too. Glad you gave it voice. Wishing you the best,
- Luther

Hi Jo, I was looking through your website and it's so inspirational. I wanted to drop a note to say, Keep up the great work! I look forward to spending more time to listen to your interviews...I just downloaded your podcast to my itunes. Be Well,
- Nicole

Hey Jo Thanks for your swine flu post. You could not have nailed it any better. My sentiments exactly. As we witness the empire crumble before our eyes, I believe we will continue to see desperate attempts (such as this by pharmaceutical companies) to keep it intact. However, our society has created a situation where we have met the limits. There is no choice to keep things going the way they have been. More and more evidence will keep rearing its head this century. My hope is that enough people wake up before it is too late.
- Rebecca

Jo- I heard your podcast on your facebook page- your voice sounds wonderful- full of energy- powerful. Thank you for being a voice for good! Love
- Julia

Jo- I want to let you know how grateful I am to recieve your emails. It's all about perspective and I love how you provide a viewpoint that can be missed as people get caught up in the fear. I hope you are doing well. Thanks again,
- Stacy

Jo, Magnificent!
- Jill xoo

Jo- I'm hard pressed to tell the difference between swine flu and a so-called reporter!
- Bert

Jo Thanks Jo for inviting true data on health.
- Lee

Jo, I was a victim of the swine flu vaccination epidemic in 1974. I got Guillain-Barre syndrome and was in the hospital for about 3 months. Not fun. The vaccine that they are promoting this time has a proven track record for producing guillain-barre. I have been an advocate of what you speak of for most of my life. The media is big money. News brings in big money for the networks. It has been proven that people get addicted to fear based programming. I rarely watch the news and never read the paper. It all plays on our fears. The more intune we are with ourselves the more in tune we are with whats going on in the world. The more we can then make a difference. Thanks. You hit a spot near and dear to me. Love and Blessings
- Craig

Hi Jo It is unlikely that either Relenza or Tamiflu will be found to be anything but useless. These are both mind altering drugs that are known to do "drain bamage." Surprise! Thanks for the info-
- Dennis

Jo, Thank your for posting this thought provoking show. I have recently changed the way I eat. The media loves things like this new flu... it gives them fodder for the masses and I think that the media has really exaggerated the severity of the virus. Maybe we need to pay closer attention to hygiene - like hand washing and using soap. I know that plenty of my students along with some of my colleagues don't wash their hands on a regular basis. Hugs!
- Susan

Jo- WHO and the CDC is being prudent and cautious as it should, the media is as usual feeding into everyones fear. People like tuning into fear and hysteria for some odd reason. It must make them feel more alive in a twisted way from their numb hum drum. On the other hand don't play with your health. If you feel its necessary see your doctor, or God forbid, go to the emergency room if need be. Use your common sense. Know yourself but don't let mass hysteria get the best of you either.
- Hawkeye

Hi Jo, Thank you so much ..You are amazing You confirmed my point that I was trying to make to so many...People need to know the truth .. and not what the news has to say. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... Love and Blessings
- Sharon

Jo, You are an angel... The media tells only as much as they want us to hear and hardly any of the facts. This does nothing but cause fear and panic, and this is what they seem to thrive on... for me, it has gotten so ridiculous that I hardly ever even watch the news anymore. Its like watching a soap opera ...as you have said, lets put the music behind it and pop up the popcorn. Smiles, love and Blessings

Jo, It is great to get all of these views open to all. I will let my groups know too. I know Big Pharma is behind this. The news thrives on sensationalism and keeping people in fear. Thanks for the website on Miracle Mineral & Nutra Medix

Jo, Thank you for your wisdom. I am not buying the fear either. The return on investment is exponentially more fear. Simply stated, not worth the investment. Listen with your heart,
- Laurie

Hey Jo! Count me in for the de-clutter challenge! I have soooooo much "stuff" to give away and recycle...My bedroom looks like a cyclone hit it! I have taken the hard stance, if I haven't worn it in a year, give it away! I will go room to room. I started with my kitchen... who new I had a GF Grill and a waffle-maker unused and in the box? Sending well wishes to you and thanks for the motivation to get back to it! Love,
- Gail

Hi Jo, I am definitely going to do the challenge! :) I have to look around to see what I can declutter! Thanks for the inspiration! Take Care,
- Caroline

Hi Jo- I finally had a garage sale, and am donating clothes, and everything I can to get this cluttered place livable again. Love your show today on clutter~~~ Hugs,
- Juliann

Hey Jo, We're on the same page: I feel the most intense exhilaration when I clean out closets! I'm starting a garage sale/ donation box, and hoping to fill it with far more than 5 things. And away we go :)
- Christina

hi jo -- De-cluttering -- this is the perfect time!!!! I am getting rid of things- the good things go to a cancer re-sale shop, the every day stuff to a home that helps people who've lost their jobs, and very little gets tossed in the trash!
- Valerie

Hey Jo, Fight that Lyme - you can turn it around! BTW I think you're doing a great job with Zentertainment - it's proof that you can't keep a good person down! I know you'll be out there singing again in the future. All the Best,
- Mark

Loved your Zentertainment web site. Smiled as I listened to your music and songs ... and when I was done, I smiled again. As you say on your site "A stands for accomplishment, applause, appreciation, allowing, and absolutely AMAZING." I give you an A+ for sure. Thank you,

Dear Jo,I love the dream podcast, I have been having some very intense ones lately, so helpful to hear Roberts perspective...wow... The Aleta St James info.. It sounds very interesting! I'd like to go! I so respect your decision to help others the way you do with your podcasts/supportive energy...it is commendable and brave...

Jo- Great interview with Robert Moss!
- Brianna

Jo- I loved the interview with Robert Moss, it was so interesting!
- Nadia

Jo- Thanks for the history video you mentioned in your newsletter. I watched it and it definately does strike a chord!
- Craig

Jo- The history video was hilarious! Laugh out loud until you cry funny! Thanks so much for sharing this. You came to my rescue!
- Christina

Jo- I listened to the podcast with Robert Moss. Thank you! Would love to chat soon-I think your vision is awesome.
- EJ

Jo- Years and years ago, when a very close friend was sick, she really got into Bernie Siegel -- I'm so glad he's still doing what he's doing and giving hope and inspiration to people!
- V

Hey Jo- I am listening to your Bernie Siegel interview, and it is great! I thought it was also interesting when he talked about words written together, being swordswordswords
- Tom

Hi Jo, Hope you're doing well and congrats on the great work!
- Brian

Dear Jo, I can't help but admire you for your accomplishments. God really blessed you with beauty and talent. I'm making an appointment with a neurologist who specializes in infectious diseases that my Rheumatologist recommended. He said there wasn't any test for ME, just like chronic fatigue and when I mentioned a couple of tests he said he didn't think insurance would pay for them and he thought I would be disappointed. He concurred that I did have symptoms of nerve damage. I read it (ME) comes on acutely and I don't recall it being that way with me. May your higher power bless you always. Stay blessed, M

Hey Jo I've just listened to your podcast and music. I'm impressed with all you are doing!
- John

Hi Jo- I just got your recent newsletter featuring Aleta St James and Arthur Caliandro. I've read about Arthur Caliandro, and Marble Collegiate is a powerful church. Hearing the Gospel - the REAL Gospel of love and grace and acceptance - is a life-giving experience. Thanks for reminding me of that.
- Marilyn

Jo- I will definately check out the interview with Aleta.It is amazing how positive energy has the ability to accomplish so much!
- Tina

Jo- It's very inspiring to hear people speak about the power of positive energy and beliefs!
- Keith

hi JO! I sent your site to a friend whose wife has been practically bed-ridden for about 7 years. They've been everywhere. Perfect timing for you to send this the show with Ann Boroch. love,
- V

Hello there Jo, It is always wonderful to receive your inspiring and upbeat emails. Your Christmas CD has been sent to Germany, France, Canada and plays often in my house. Thank you for your talents! I wish you much peace for the holiday season.
- Elizabeth

Hey Jo, I listen to your Christmas cd EVERY day... Hope all is well.
- Dan

Jo, I love your views and your outspoken nature. Sincerely,
- M

Hi Jo- I love Immaculee's book "Led By Faith." I bought this one and her last one. Hope things are going well for you. I'm feeling hopeful about so many things. Life is good.
- Xavier

Jo- Thanks for the show with Andrea Candee. A friend of mine wants to see her-
- Jennifer

hi jo I just listened to your show with Immaculee and thought it was very moving!!! I agree with all of what she is saying!!! Sending love
- tamar

Keep up the beautiful writing. You are gifted!
- Nikki

Hello Jo, I hope everything is still going well. I like listening to your Zentertainment Radio, it relaxes me when I am stressed.
- Bruce

Jo- I listened to part of your SARK intv -- have to finish. i love your interviews!
- jen

Dear Jo, I live in Korea and stumbled upon your show by accident and listened to a few interviews. I thought they were very interesting and informative. I listened to the one with Chris Prentiss and became intrigued. A little research, however, revealed that he is something of a charlatan. I think you would find this article recently published by LA Weekly very insightful, as well as the 90-something comments about the very controversial Passages. You have been critical of such things as The Secret (for good reason), and you should be critical of this man too. http://www.laweekly.com/2008-06-26/news/buying-the-cure/ On another note-I agree that western medicine does have many flaws and faults - for me, it has often done much more harm than good. I also believe there is great value in alternative medicine/methods which has so much more potential than western biomedicine to restore balance to the body. I have known people who have been cured of serious diseases through such things as yoga/pranayama, for instance. However, as you point out people take advantage of the ill all the time, and especially within new age medicine there is a tendency to blame the victim/patient when their particular brand of snake oil doesn't work. I think the greatest virtue (and perhaps biggest downfall) of alternative medicine (I can't think of another name for it - holistic, non-western medicine?) is that it offers hope - there is always a way, and it's just a matter of finding it. Different things work for different people because every body is different. Western medicine on the other hand tries to put people in boxes and when you don't fit into their little box, then you're considered incurable, and they tell you as much. Or else, they pump every toxic substance known to humankind through your veins until you stop bothering them. I read an inspirational quote in Andrew Weil's book Spontaneous Healing from a woman who used alternative methods to cure herself of a fatal disease. She is now a naturopathic doctor. "There may be different ways to healing for different people, but there is always a way. Keep searching!" If you haven't already read it, I'd recommend Grace and Grit by Ken Wilbur. Beautiful. Be well,
- Tania

Jo, Great photos on your gallery page- you have a gift! My fav are the trees... but I also LOVE the snow Christmassy pics especially the one with the sleds.. it brings to me a feeling a decades ago when everything was OK without a worry.. Awesome!
- Kirk

Jo- Your gallery page pictures are beautiful!! What an eye you have.
- Sandy

Hi Jo, I enjoyed your latest show today. I loved your relaxation music. It reminded me of a spring with a series of small waterfalls, greenery all around. It was very peaceful music. Thank you for including it. xo,
- Jill

Jo, Everyday last week around 1 or 2 pm i lied down, closed my eyes & listened to the podcast i missed & some i listened to 2 or 3 times. You, the person you were interviewing, the message were all so healing, calming, enlightening, energizing, uplifting, informative! I am going to take the time to do this everyday, even if i listen 4 times or more.
- Jennifer

I have listened to two of your shows during the last two weeks .. they have been extremely useful personally as well as brillant ...
- Emile

Jo- Keep up the great work. Thank you for the Rick Jarow guided meditation! The timing of the meditation was perfect, because it helped me to clear some mental space around a physical slump!
- Christine

hi Jo- I read your new blog about the crab and it gave me chills when i finished reading it. Great story!
- Julie

Jo- The Sark interview was fabulous. I loved the story of the dresser. That was amazing.
- Tom

Hey Jo, I just wanted to let you know that I did the Rick Jarow meditations from your podcast. I actually did them while on the plane because i have a fear of flying and started to freak out a couple of times. They calmed me right down and had me feeling okay for the rest of the flight. I think i found my secret weapon when it comes to flying. So i just wanted to say thank you so much! it was great to not be a completely anxious mess up in the air.
- Jaimie

Jo, I enjoy your site. Thank you for sharing your many gifts. You have an engaging presence that expresses positive energy and inspiration. Yours is a colorful life of meaning and purpose!
- Michael

Hi Jo Call me a rebel, but I just posted the article "White Privilege" by Tim Wise that you have on your blog to my Facebook page - with my comments. I expect to soon be the recipient of masses of hate mail, and hopefully, some in agreement. Thank you for the fantastic article, and even more, for the tale of the little crab. I would have felt exactly as you felt, and I loved having that commonality of thought.
- Christina

Jo- I love reading your feelings, thoughts, experiences put into words. I get so focused & in tune.
- Jennifer

Jo, I checked out your website - it's amazing, and you are an incredible person!!! I love what you have created and can't wait to spend more time on your site to listen and learn. And thanks for the tip about healerswhoshare.com...I am usually a bit nervous to try new things like that as my body doesn't tolerate much, but I love to learn about new treatments to share with others, even if they may not be right for me...and who knows, maybe it is something I can use to enhance my healing!!
- Andrea

Jo- Thank you for sharing with me... Your lyrics always hit me in an area in my heart that touches me deeply,, where I will almost cry.. but in a good way.
- Kirk
Hello Jo, I am the music director at a church in the San Diego area. We did a service about integral spirituality. I was researching for a song online and I found your song "All the World's Religions." WOW what a great song! I couldn't think of a more perfect song for our service, and I would love it if our 200 members could hear it. Thank you!
- Tim

Hi Jo, I just wanted to say that I loved your blog "Anyway" by Mother Teresa. Your post picked me up. I was listening to a piano piece of yours that someone posted. You are simply the most amazing piano player, and I feel that you are the best singer songwriter in the modern era. It is a joy to be a fan of yours and have the wonderful opportunity to listen to your music. Your music is as special as you are. Keep up the fine work, and I love Zentertainment by the way! Take care,
- Ian

Congratulations on your success and your inspiring work Jo. Beautiful photos and thoughts.
- Karen

Jo- You keep on keepin' on- I believe in miracles....
- Mike

Hi Jo, I know what you mean about life being a lot about the art of floating in difficult times... eventually the waters calm again. Focusing on the good things and all that does make us happy inside. Have a great one! Take pic's, make paintings, strum a song, dance in the rain, and laugh, smile , and sing! :-)
- Bon

Jo -- Incredible info/blog on the problems with energy saving light bulbs -- thanks! I'll put the link in the next newsletter. (Your picture on your blog is so adorable. You look about 16.) Love,
- V

Jo-You're right. We need to both mourn AND keep walking. Treat the pain less like garbage to get rid of and more like compost; tend to it in the correct way, and use its energy to feed something new. Because it does have a purpose.
- A fan from Philadelphia

Jo-We are so short sighted when it comes to this energy policy of ours. As long as the politicians feed the yammering needs of one group, they care not what havoc they wreak on us. I'm all for conserving energy, but not at the risk of creating a new hazard that is even worse. I knew there was something I didn't like about those bulbs. Thanks for the blog
- Mimi

Jo, It has been awhile since writing but I love your blogs and website and show!!! I wanted to comment on the new energy saving bulb and your blog..That is very smart advice.Like an idiot, I joined the bandwagon when my Dad was asking for these new devices.Then I read the packaging and had similar thoughts go through my mind. I am so upset with so much in the world today and I feel it is becoming a vacuum of nothingness little by little.Everywhere you turn,there is reminders of how we are not progressing as a race and we are more like drones losing our power to reason and think for ourselves.The lightbulbs are one facet and if the powers that be have there way,the traditional lightbulbs as we knew them for so long will be extinct.Hopefully stronger minds will prevail. I could go on,like about the upcoming election and other gripes but won't and will leave that for another time.I wanted to say thanks for the great music and would so love to enjoy a second concert of yours.The world is a better place because of you,Jo!!!Take care and keep up the wonderful work!!! Sincerely,
- ian z.

Your music is absolutely beautiful. You are definitely on our list of favorite musicians. Regards,

Hey Jo, just wanted to tell you how much I love 'Song for my Piano' My main instrument is piano and I love to hear contemporary compositions for it. have a gorgeous night my friend

Wow, Jo! I'd love to know what you were feeling when "Song for My Piano" came flowing out. Absolutely mesmerizing! Can't listen to it enough! Thanks!

Jo, Your show with Rosalind Joffe was so great.. and I have been going thru that myself.....It was right on the money~ Have a wonderful Day Jo! Thinking of you often,
- Amy :)

Dear Jo, I just wanted to say that I love your music. You are a wonderful musician and song writer - and not only do I have all of your cds, but yes, I bought Meat Loaf's CD when I found out you wrote "Why Isn't That Enough" I've been enjoying your music since you came to my college (Marymount). However, some of your music has taken on a deeper meaning for me as I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last summer. Your show Zentertainment has really helped me get through everything this year. Anyway, a cousin was recently in town and "borrowed" my copy of Simply Said Sessions (This is the third relative to do so) - since it's one of my "can't live without it" cds, of course I'm going to order it again right away!
- Tiffanny

Jo, Thanks for your email.You took time to help me and I appreciate it. I have started taking Mona Vie, recommended by my physician, and it is giving me an uplift and more stamina. I am not doing cartwheels....wouldn't that be nice...but I am able to do a little more and I will take any energy, no matter the amount. I read your article/blog on the Secret. You put into beautiful words what my heart was saying, but I couldn't put into words. I feel just like you. You sound like a deep hearted and deep thinking person. I love it! Thanks again for your suggestions. I have been sick since Sept. 30, 1991 and had to stop working in May, 1996. As you know, this is so unpredicable, some days I'm ok, others in bed all day. Having cancer on top of this has really been an experience. I now consider myself cancer free after having two surgeries and radiation. I opted to forego chemo since there was only a three percent differental and I didn't want to blow out what little immune system I have. I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate you taking the time to write me. Your music and photos are beautiful. You have a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul. It shows! I wish you nothing but good health and a remission from CFIDS and lyme. I also wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the episode with Rosalind Joffe. Light and all of God's blessings to you my friend,
- Sandy

Jo, Listening to "Song for My Piano" which you posted on myspace...Truly exceptional, Jo. You really are a musical genius - I don't say that lightly - I wouldn't. It just flows out of you like water from a spring. I am always blown away anew each time I listen. Unlike anyone and so far beyond most. I hope one day you get the recognition you have earned. I know the universe doesn't always work that way... But for those who know, you are a gift. I know I'm a person who says nice things to people, but when it comes to music, I am pretty tight with compliments. There just aren't enough when it comes to your music. Love,
- Jenny

Hey Jo I love the tunes. Your voice is just as beautiful and soulful. I am planning on downloading and listening to the podcasts. I play in a band for fun... they can be found on my page as Bootcher. Tongue in cheek music. Enjoy and laugh please... You are the light you seek...
- Mike

Hi Jo, just a note to let you know I think your new song is beautiful. I've been going thru some stormy times and too much down time since my move. Your post lifted my heart. Namaste
- s

Jo, It's been a long time since I last wrote you. Things have gone drastically downhill with my mom. We're in the last days of her life now. She sleeps 90% or more of the day and night away and has withdrawn away from friends and family. I have about a 40 minute drive to see her. So, I've been doing a lot of podcast catching up the past several months. The reason that I'm writing you is to thank you for giving me a wonderful distraction on my drive. You may or may not understand how critical it has been for me to have distractions like this. There was one episode...I think 39...with a WW2 concentration camp survivor that was absolutely enthralling! What a fascinating story that really places things in perspective! Simply, thank you. It means a lot these days to have distractions. You mean a lot.
- B

Jo, I listen to Zentertainment Talk Radio all the time. It is very inspiring!
- Erica

Blessing= You Sincerely,
- Jim

Hi, Jo, i have spent time with my daughter on the beach in Maine the past few summers, so i know the sand castle world a little. It is also like the Tibetan sand paintings; make something beautiful and watch the water wash it away...I dove into uncharted waters this year, and i am living on the edge. It's scary and exhilarating at different times... And your music is beautiful, i went over to the myspace link to listen. many blessings your way,
- Forrest

Hi Jo! I's been a long time since I've written but you're never too far from my thoughts. During the time you've done this show, you've maintained your original vision, have kept things interesting and fresh and have shown yourself to be an amazing radio host! I hope you're still as excited about doing the show as you were when you started. I know that you've made a huge difference with this show. It's funny- you are an extraordinary pop/rock musician but regardless of how great you were in that field- your greatest accomplishment in the field of reaching out to others is with this podcast. And I'm sure that without all the health issues you've faced- you'd be a mega pop superstar who would never have thrown herself into a project like this. Maybe the eternal designer saw you as someone who could really help others and shoved you into this. But with that said, I hope your illness is under control and that your world is wonderful! Sincerely,
- Tim

Hey Jo, I LOVED your piano piece and the podcast featuring Zev Kedem. What a story!
- Karri

Hi Jo, Robert F Kennedy Jr was right on the money with this one. The Bush administration has forced the EPA to allow 3 times the safe limit for arsenic in our drinking water as well. Having been diagnosed with an incurable non-Hodgkins Lymphoma over 2 years ago I began investigating a possible cause. What I found was about half of the products in my cleaning/polishing/preserving arsenal had "may cause cancer" warnings in very small print on the backs of the containers. There is no level of responsibility in these corporations that put deadly ingredients in practically everything we use or consume in our daily lives. However, the thing that terrifies me the most is the aggressive backlash from others, including many friends, who buy into the disinformation sources that insist everything is safe. After all, this is the United States government. They would never allow it's citizens to be poisoned for the sake of massive corporate profits! And I can't prove what caused my cancer! Far too many Americans have become complacent and uninvolved, preferring to try and maintain their status-quo, while those of us who dare to expose the truth are labeled as extremist and, for the most part, ignored. Unfortunately, money buys the "truth" we're given. Thanks for the chance to vent, and thanks for your caring.
- Randy Michael

Jo- I too suffer from mercury toxicity but am doing well now. I feel very strongly about educating people about the dangers of this as you do.But how do we get people to stop watching American Idol and pay attention to our world for a minute.?? I dont know. We can only try and you are doing more than trying, you are doing! Great job! Thank you for the RFK blog.. If only he lived and became president... I think our world and humanity would be something to be proud about.
- Kirk

Jo- thanks for a great post Jo!!!! RFK Jr. is voice we need, and more people in the government need to hear also. (I also heard on Teri Gross' "Fresh Air" a marine biologist talking about how farm-raised fish are more susceptible to disease and parasites, and in general how the world has become overfished).It all comes down to GREED, and this administration is only part of the problem; the bottom line is factory farms and fisheries make more profit-no matter if the environment or people's health is at risk. thanks again.
- E.

Jo- What a wonderful email you sent out to your listeners.... What craziness you've endured as of late.... how simultaneously wonderful that you are discovering such immense gratitude in your heart during your adversity. You're a triumphant soul!
- Francesca

Jo- It is always a pleasure to read your email/letter. You have a nice way of writing, and I also admire your ability to open up to the 'world.
- Maria

Jo- First, thank you for the music and CD's. I've enjoyed them immensely. It was also nice to get your email with the Statue of Liberty...I was just there playing in NY last night! Second the show with Zev Kedem was amazing! I am always moved and grief stricken by the events of the Holocaust and the journeys of survival of those who suffered so greatly. What amazes me most is their incredible lack of bitterness and instead kindness, love and transcendance. My mother was 5 and lived in Norway during Nazi occupation. They lived in her home which was eventually bombed. She tells of going to the Russian POW camp and trading sandwiches for carved wooden toys from the prisoners and knowing which guards would look away and which ones would shoot you if they caught you. I have an 8 year old son and hearing Zev's story I pictured him living through something like that. It makes my heart just ache. Thanks for all you do.
- Lori

Jo, I loved your e-mail newsletter. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings in such a beautiful way.
- Angel

Hi Jo, Having just visited your podcast and the story of Zev Kedem, and knowing what dark days they were, You may be interested to know that history is repeating itself in China today. In 1936 Nazi Germany held the Olympic games, Germany was at that time building it's military forces and rattling it's swords. The Jews were being oppressed, books were being burned,dissidents were disappearing. The same is happening in China today. Political dissidents, Human rights lawyers,Christians, Muslims, Tibetans ,are all being brutally repressed. Worst treated of all is the followers of Falun Gong, a peaceful spiritual practice of Truthfulness, Compassion , and Tolerance . Since 1997 this group has been severely persecuted , tortured and beaten to death for refusing to deny their beliefs. Currently 100's of thousands languish in forced labor camps,re-education centers, and prisons. Many of the young are being systematically murdered in an Organ-Harvesting operation in which their organs are being sold to wealthy overseas buyers. see this independent investigation:http://organharvestinvestigation.net) As with the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, the world is finding it hard to believe mankind capable of such evil. But it IS happening. China too is increasing it's military forces, in a very big way. The world is hoping that having been granted the Olympics, Communist China will become a peaceful nation, and cease their warlike behavior. The same wish was held by the nations of the world in 1936. Many world leaders are blinded by greed for the money to be made from dealing with the Communists, But much of what China produces comes from forced labor, slave labor if you like. They Rule by fear and terror. The Evil that began WWII is rising again in China today, Happily tho' they have shot themselves in the foot by their brutal treatment of the Tibetan protesters, and the world has seen that they aren't quite the nice guys they pretend to be. I can only hope that the world will awaken to this threat before it's too late, as was the case with the Nazis in 1936. Many Chinese citizens have been forced from their homes to make way for Olympic construction. They receive no compensation and have to live on the street. If they protest they are often beaten up and /or imprisoned. The migrant workers who are employed to construct the Olympic facilities are often left unpaid by corrupt contractors. They too have no right of appeal. China had 80,000 civil disturbances (riots ) last year. History is repeating itself ! Will we ever learn the Lesson? 1984 and a Brave New World, are today's China. Big Brother watches over all. Perhaps, if we are lucky, a Jo Davidson of the future will be telling the story of a survivor of a Chinese Death Camp, There are actually survivors in New York Today, Go find a Falun Gong group, there you'll find out all about the horrors of the Death camps of China. There you'll find a chilling story. if you wish to know about falun gong, please go to this link. www.falundafa.org Peace of mind and good health to you,
- Will

Jo, The interview with Za was wonderful; I love to hear people who have overcome all the insubstantial anxiety that dominates my own thoughts. I am SO looking forward to hearing your podcast with Robert Kennedy. I read an interview he did (I think it was actually in O, the Oprah Magazine - coincidence? ((smile)) and he is so passionate, so brilliant, focused and dedicated, that he inspired me to take actions and to speak out on the issues about which I feel most passionate (environment, and care of the animals who share our world). Thanks for the great work,
- Christina

Jo, Of course, these days, it seems anyone with fingers can post any blog that pops into their heads. It makes it very difficult, I think, to know whose words are actually worth letting into our own minds. Yours are. You write with such ...light. Light because they iluminate and give warmth.In addition to all the other breath-taking gifts you have been given, the gift of eloquence stands at your forefront.I love reading those words.Thank you...
- Clint

HI, Jo, I am struck by your comments in the latest newsletter email, and I love the image of the back door to enlightenment! Even better though, is letting go of the enlightenment concept altogether. I've been enjoying Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth", and both in that book and in the Oneness Movement that I am a part of, the direction has been to use the term awakening...somehow it seems less of a destination, and more of a process. I also just returned from Maine, where i spent 18 days with my mother, who woke up one night and couldn't breathe. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. As she faces the limitations of her body, and the certainty of the body form dying, it brings these things into my own face. One of the intentions i have in interacting with her as she goes through this process, is to remind her of the primacy of Being, and that even though she can't do the things she used to do, she is still of value. Of course that is true for all of us! Blessings and love,
- Forrest

Hi Jo- You're making a difference! You are so strong, and it is inspiring and energizing and encouraging, surely, to everyone who tunes into your site and talk radio program. When I saw your newsletter about 'impermanence' it just made me want to write - the day before, a good friend from high school passed away. It affected me so much.
- Val

Hi Jo, Messages about toxins that we're all being subjected to and warnings and advice about this topic are huge! You're one of the few voices out there talking about "the cause", instead of "the cure". Since my mom started with this whole cancer thing, I've had my eyes opened wide to the "industry" we've allowed to be created and fester and grow. "The cure" makes billions, if not trillions, of dollars for a few at the expense of the masses. "The cause" is rarely discussed, because it could cost those few millions or billions of dollars. Focusing on "the cause" would be the greater good for the masses though. So, keep talking about "the cause" and keep shedding light on what we're allowing to be done to us as a society. This doesn't even touch the many other topics that you help enlighten people of. I know there are things that your show talks about that I don't necessarily agree with. There's a lot that I do. But that's the great thing about it...we have the ability and the right to disagree and talk about those disagreements! One of the problems with our society is that we don't want to think or debate...just be politically correct and never step on toes. Like I said, there are things that I disagree with about some of the guests/topics you have, but I still listen and love you. You're thought provoking, not mind-numbing. Thanks for being you!
- Brian

Jo-For the last few weeks I've been letting the bad economic situation in this country get me down. I've been so busy worrying about paying bills and trying to keep gas in the car so I can go to work that I have forgotten to appreciate all the things I still have. Your email reminded me of that and helped me get my perspective back. I'm going to tune into the podcast now. Thanks for all that you do to make a difference in this world. You just made a difference in my life! Much love,
- Izmet

Hi Jo, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings in your recent newsletter "Taking a Bite of the Pie." One of my favourite thoughts is "If all the world were to count their blessings, rather than their wants- What sort of a world would we have then?" ....... You are counting your blessings Jo, and THAT, is VERY important. Warm Regards,
- Will

Dear Jo, I am so touched and moved by the myriad of ways you reach out to support people...I relate strongly to your approach and perspective...that anything is possible...and I see that throughout your own work, and what you choose to share that comes to you from others. I know that in my life these trails and obstacles have given me aclarity and sense of hope that I could never have imagined. I see this in you by how you inspire and touch the core of so many realities... and this is a strong and wonderful meeting point for us human beings. With much peace and strength,
- Cybele

I have passed on your show to quite a few people and am really touched by the topics and people you choose to present. Love and peace to you,
- Nikki

I know we all have a tendency to want to avoid bad things happening to us, like getting ill, having a lover leave us, the death of someone close. But if I could trade my life as it has been thus far with these type of experences, for one free of them. No way, over my dead body will that trade be made! Those bad experiences, while not particularly fun, have been some of the most enriching experiences and have opened me up to an awareness that was not there before them. I think we often have this idea that we somehow have life, but really I think life has us. Thanks Jo...... I have enjoyed your thought provoking blogs!
- Doug

I saw Bruce Liptons' Conscious Parenting video a few months back. Blew me away. The title is rather stodgy (though accurate); the content is much more interesting than it would suggest. It goes into the whole biological processes of DNA and how that is influenced by external, or environmental, factors. Definitely worth a viewing! cheers,
- W

The author Bruce Lipton seems quite shallow - heard and repeated a lot of good stuff, without too much of a clue to the spiritual depths underneath. But, hey - he wrote it all in a book, so he must be right, right? :-) I loved your blog on Real Estate ads. Thanks for making me smile a few times today.
- Fran

I really enjoyed your Bruce Lipton interview! I was fascinated by his book, "The Biology Of Belief," and highly recommend it! I think that rather than constantly trying to "fix" our subconsciously-already programmed-belief system, his idea that cells, themselves, aren't diseased....they're fine...but, the environment (Consciousness) in which they operate being the deciding factor as to what affects them (instead of DNA/genes/heredity) is a pretty big shift. We're constantly told that if it runs in your family, it's in your cells/genes, so you'll, without a doubt, probably come down with their diseases, too. It is very hopeful to see that isn't the case. I do think that constantly trying to fix our subconscious thoughts or switching from a "badgenes" problem to a "bad hereditary thoughts" problem can sometimes make our life more nuts! We say, "OK! I don't have to worry aboutbad genes...but, now I have to worry aboutbad hereditary thought patterns!" And, we all know that no sooner do you fix or correct one program in some area, then another pops up and another and another! It's endless! You're rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! That's the human mind! You'll NEVER clean up all that programming. We seem to need a whole new model (not a "fixing" or improving or making better of the old model) to work from...our old model of thought just seems to be so outdated...a dinosaur....not serving the whole anymore. We've allowed the medical profession to divide us up into so many parts until the whole ain't whole anymore ! And...that's what I like about Lipton's book...it begins to lift those worn-out restrictions ("victim" or otherwise) previously placed on us through our identifying ourselves with our "past us/ or parts"... i.e. genes/DNA, etc...just long enough for us to see ourselves anew. And, we begin to ask..."Well, if I'm not my parents and I'm not my past problems or my past successes, even....Well, who or what the hell am I, now? Does Consciousness determine my existence and how I experience this existence? And, if so...what Consciousness? If there is only ONE...and we are (is?) this ONE...what does it (WE) look like? Or what do "we" look like as IT? Are we writing our own new program? Or are we that which is being written anew? Somebody's sure looking for answers at this time in our "history"...just look at all the people listening to your show! And, so many are buying Lipton's book, he's booked solid on tours and lectures! Well...I don't know...dear me...I'd better just pour this here blond Consciousness a little Jack on the rocks, and give it some restful "environment"...at least 'til your next show... Love & Cheese Grits,
- Bobbi Jo Lathan

Jo, We really enjoyed being on your show. You are a delightful host!
- Allen & Linda Anderson, Angel Animals Network

Hey Jo! Great podcast on Angel Animals! The story about the german shepherd and the elephant made me cry. Not that they surprise me in the least, but the german shepherd story was just a really great story on compassion and the elephant one is just so incredibly heartbreaking. I believe we are all interconnected, and things often happen beyond our basic comprehension and we have to learn to just accept that and stop trying to reason everything to death. The story about the bees is really important. It's just natural to me to do that, be respectful of all beings and ask their permission and thank them.... Sincerely,

Communication with animals has always been a fascination of mine. Thank you so much. Sending you much Love and Light!
- Mikaila

Dear Jo, I have a 14 year old Pug named Toast who is blind and deaf. Frequently, I'll come home and she is waiting for me-and I'm not on a set schedule, so she just knows. She spends most of her day in a "comfy" chair and sometimes I sit with her. Many times I think "I want to take a nap" and she knows. When I get up, she leaps into my arms to join me in bed. I also experience a connection with hawks. Frequently, I will be thinking about something significant and will look up and see a hawk. When I got married, I asked the photographer to keep an eye on the sky for hawks. Sure enough, once the ceremony was over, three hawks were spotted circling around us! My husband and I were camping in a pretty deserted campground in Vermont. Around dusk, I spotted a beautiful owl. I stood admiring it and it flew closer to us. I "hooted" at it, but my thoughts were all about how magnificant an animal it was. Next thing, it flew right over to us-spread out about 7 or 8 feet! it came so close that my husband dove into the car and I got shaken too, and went into the tent. It flew directly over the tent-just a couple feet above it! To this day, I wonder how close it would have gotten had we not chickened out...
- Norma

Hello Jo, Thank you for your podcast on Angel Animals. I would like to tell you about a story that is very important in my life. It is about my Precious Ragdoll cat named Sammy who at 18 yrs old passed away from Breast cancer after she saved my mother from the very thing she died from. The way it happened was, Sammy was a rescue kitty, I had gotten her from a family who just simply no longer wanted her. I walked into the room where she was and fell in love with her with her long silver and white fir that was soft as rabbit fur and her crystal blue eyes. They had said she was very shy and timid around people but she came to me and climbed into my lap the moment I sat down. I knew then she was coming home with me. They said if I did not take her that day she was going to be put down the following Monday. There was no way that was going to happen. Sammy was my little angel for the next 17 yrs or so . During that time my wonderful mom was with breast cancer and had to have a radical mastecomy , we were all so terrified that Mom was going to be taken from us but my mom is so strong and has such a will to live and she is so very beautiful. I have never seen anyone be so sick and be so radiant at the same time. She is an angel herself.. I had heard that animals around very sick people will help to cheer them and may help to make them heal quicker, so I took my sweet Sammy over every day to visit my Mom . It did seem to brighten her day and the two of them really got along very well as mom loved Sammy. My mom had about 13mo ( I believe) of Chemo and had a hard time of it . It seemed to drag on and on. My Mom is one of the strongest women I know. I Thank God for Sammy. As soon as my mother came out of the surgery and began to get back to her old self.. Sammy began to bleed under her underside, I thought she had been bitten by something and was having an allergic reaction as she had before with little bites here and there so I just I treated it, Nothing worked. It just grew and grew and within a month, she had to be put to sleep. I felt like the world had ended. However I know and I will always know deep in my heart, as I held my precious little angel the day she died that she and God worked together to heal my Mom.. She had loved my mom and she loved me. She had taken just enough of the cancer cells from my mom into her own little body,which she could not heal from but it did allow my mom to make a complete recovery. My Mom has been cancer free for 15yrs now. I really miss Sammy, she went 5 yrs ago and she rests under my beautiful rose garden. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her and what she did for us. There are still times I can feel her climb in my lap or up on the bed at night and there are even times if I am real quiet,I can even hear her purring. I know she is still around because I loved her so very much.
- Sharon LittleDove

I just listenend to your last interview with Rachel Naomi Remen. What a MOVING interview!
- Tamar

Hey Jo, I really enjoy your newsletters. Thank you for your honesty and courage. You are a bright light!
- Ashley

Jo, Thank you for writing, for your newsletters, and for sharing your vulnerabilities and for being a light in our lives. I, for one, really appreciate you.
- Rossanna

Hey Jo I had to smile when you noted at the bottom of your note that your CD featured 'traditional' christmas carols on your Steinway. NOTHING you do is traditional!!!!!!!!!) That's why i love you and your G-d given talent so much!
- Val

Jo, I was racking my brain trying to think of a Christmas gift for my dad. Then I got your newsletter and saw the zen alarm clock. My aunt has one and I love it. You totally reminded me of it, and now my dad will be waking up to soft chimes instead of Led Zeppelin on the radio at full blast. I'm sure he AND my mother will be very happy about that. :) Happy Holidays!
- Jaimie

Hey Jo, I just ordered the dolphin dreams CD from Jonathan Goldman at Healing Sounds. Thanks for the tip!
- Roberta

Jo, I've learned a lot about health and nature over the past year. You're part of this. I started listening to your podcasts over a year ago. You provide an avenue for me to glimpse into another realm of life. You're part of my learning process! It is interesting how "familiar" you are to me. I hear your voice on your podcasts. I get to share some of your personal side. When I read your recent newsletter email,there was an immediate compassion, like I would expect to have for a long time friend, yet we've never met. I was sharing this concept with our assistant pastor. I was telling him the other day that I thought it has to be odd to have so many people familiar with him...close to him, yet he barely knows us in many cases. This reminds me of you. There are many people listening to your shows. We all feel a connection with you, yet you probably only know a small percentage of us. There are many people out here that care and are thinking of you!
- Brian

Dear Jo, Finally I could listen to one of your radio interviews. It was very uplifting.I am so pleased that you are doing God's work! Love,
- Suzanna

Jo, Congratulations on your resounding success as an online host. You continue to have an interesting, informative, inspirational show!
- Tim

Jo, Although I have never met or talked with you I feel a connection to you like I am in your life for a reason as you are in mine. I feel a warmth and sincerity from your newsletter emails that I believe to be authentic. Your latest newsletter reminded me that we are never disconnected from God. We are always a part of the collective whole and cannot be separated. It also triggered a thought that we are never broken, we don't need fixing. Something I keep reminding myself of...... (sigh). Please know that I share the desire to be my fullest expression of God and want to be an encouraging force in YOUR ministry as well. God's blessings to you! Most sincerely,
- Chris

Jo- You always appear when I need to hear good stuff! That is so wonderful!
- Amy

Dear Jo, Oh, my God! Bruce Lipton! Who-hoo!!! I'm sooo excited! I look very much forward to the show! As with ALL your shows...it'll be just what the doctor ordered! Thank you, Mz Jo! Love & Cheese Grits,
- Bobbi

Hi Jo, I loved the Rachel Remen podcast. Very inspiring!
- Astrid

Hi Jo, I am listening to your second episode with John Perkins. I have an MBA in International Marketing. You are so prolific. Your on air voice is very calming and clear. Your values are tremendous! Thank you I will look up john Perkins.org

Jo, I love your show. Not all interviewer's "intentions" are for healing like yours are. And what an incredible line up of interviews you've been getting and doing. I'm so deeply impressed at what you accomplish, especially with the illness issues you face. You're a miracle!
- Alissa

Hi Jo, I wanted to let you know that listening to the Rick Jarow "The Alchemy of Abundance" interview 2 weeks ago opened up my eyes. Thanks for sharing it. It has somewhat changed my life! It made me realize that I wasn't exactly happy where I was working at and how I needed to listen to my inner self and follow my heart. I decided to no longer freelance at the company I was with and focus on starting my own business with my sister. I know that doing that is the right path forme. I'm happy with my decision and am excited to see what the future holds for me. Thank you!
- Joy

Hi Jo, Hope all is well. I took the afternoon off yesterday and listened to some of your Zentertainment Talk Radio Shows. I loved the one with Norah Ephron - so funny! The Alchemy of abundance was very interesting, as were the two radio shows with John Perkins. I have already read The Economic Hitman and will definitely read The Secret History of the American Empire as well. I also liked The tension of opposites with Catherine Ann Jones. I really recognize myself in much of what she said, like that the most difficult part for a writer is actually to sit down and write. So true! Sometimes I need more self-discipline. The show with Victoria Moran who wrote Fat, Broke and Lonely was very good as well. I think you have a good mix of guests in your radio shows! I look forward to hear more interesting radio shows! Best wishes,
- Erica

Hi Jo, I just had an opportunity to listen to your excellent Catherine Ann Jones interview. I also had an opportunity to read more about you and was blown away by your multidimensional talents especially your playing and composing. I'm going to check out your music at itunes!
- Jeff

Jo - Absolutely fabulous podcast! I LOVED this interview! (Rick Jarow). The story about Steve Jobs and the calligraphy classes was so powerful! Thank you so much for the wonderful interview.
- Allison

Hi Jo, I really have enjoyed your show. Thanks for all of the effort you are putting into it. You find excellent and inspiring guests, and your own commentary is very helpful and healing. Also, I received my Jakare face mask. I can't wait to try it!
- Christina

Hey Jo, Your emails always come at just the right time. Loved your new show. I was feeling tired tonight, unmotivated, and it really changed the energy over here. Put me in such a better mood. I took your advice and ordered the book by Rick Jarow "The Alchemy of Abundance.." The last few years of my life have been such a big transition, and I am still pushing forward - I feel I am getting close to my inner purpose, but this is such a great way to visualize it, make it clear. Hope you're feeling well, and happy thoughts your way :)
- Melanie

I'm a documentary junkie and "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" was one of the very few documentaries that sent shocking shivers through my body because I was in such disbelief on how people could do such harm to others all in the name of profit. Another prime example of the concept: "America: Where money is more important than human lives". I definitely urge all of you to listen to Jo's interview with Cori Brackett and don't hestitate to rent her DVD from NetFlix or Blockbuster online if you're unable to buy a copy of your own. And please try to share the information with everyone that you possibly can. You just might be saving someone's life.
- Eric

Jo- I just have to say that I went through your Web site and you are truly a brilliant spirit. Extremely talented and beautiful to boot. You seem to do it all. Your photographs are brilliant as well! Ciao,
- Julie

Hi Jo, There are so many times that opposites attract and like attracts too. It is both! You are opening eyes girl.
- Jen

Hey, Jo; Today I listened to Iyanla Vanzant's show and loved it. I've read one of her books; it helped me get through a really tough time in my life. Then I listened to Dr. Arthur Caliandro's interview. OMG! All I can say is that I heard what you described through the airwaves. There is an inmeasurable peace about him; I could listen to his voice for hours. I love his image of the one God, his unconditional regard for all, his openness and his ability to be vulnerable. What an incredible man. I'm am so glad I got to listen to him. I felt very sorry for his loss. I cannot imagine what that would be like. Again, thanks for what you do.

Jo, I loved the martha beck show. (that is so cool the oprah show called while you were talking to her!) I agree with her that the pain we go through makes us a great healer to others because we have been there. It gives us character, gratefulness and faith. You are interviewing really amazing people. I of course loved the carolyn myss show. I am going to have to try Jakare skin care. Jo, you are doing such an incredible job with this show. I do love your soothing voice too. Energy...constantly flowing to you and through you from God~ Love,
- jennifer

What a great Martha Beck interview! Thank you, Jo, for all that you do. I love this part about the outer limits, the core of peace and the ego. Makes so much sense. I just had a conversation last night that sounded very similar to Martha's points about the Secret. There are reasons things happen the way they do and I have faith that every challenge I'm given is for a reason. Great work you're doing. It was nice to hear your voice. I wish you peace and good health on this day. Love,
- Nicole

JO- I listened to your show the other day and i REALLY enjoyed it! It was the Martha interview....I think what you're doing is very cool and it seems so natural for you to be a host/interviewer!
- Julie

Jo- You might have no idea how much you have moved and inspired me... Have a beautiful one,
- Lingchao

Beautiful pictures, Beautiful words, Beautiful woman. Namaste,
- Deb

Hi Jo,I love the show! I have listened to almost every episode so far!
- Michael.

Jo- You're the goddess of the airwaves!
- Dinah

Hey Jo, Oh my I have so much to say about this show with Victoria Moran... It hits so many positive areas of realization for me.... I recently read in a Christian book on women's spiritual warfare about what happens when a women has random sex and and or is raped and how that effects the inner spiritual connection to God. A light went on for me big time! Oh and the eating and spending thing and the skinny thing! Loved the show! It was so good... :)
- Amy

Jo- How wonderful to have had such success with your CD and other artistic enterprises! Your Web site is very impressive. Creativity seems to be your middle name!
- Sunny

You had a great interview with Carolyn Myss. I listened to her on Integral Naked last year. I saw her live in Chicago a few years back, and she really was memorable in person. She continues to evolve her work and sharing. Your voice is great and you're a good story teller. I've been podcasting for about a year and can really appreciate what you do. Peace,
- Mark

You bring a special energy - a vibration - that can also be felt on your site. Thank You! Namaste.
- A.

Jo- Your song "Fragile Tough Girl" has been a part of my transformation -- I love that song. Your inflections are so nuanced. More than any singer I can think of. Nuanced, rather than over-the-top, I mean. And nuanced, as in powerfully.
- Jill

I listened to your podcast with Carolyn Myss. A person who can cut through the crap and yet radiate kindness vibes is truly a gem. Maybe different moments call for different approaches. Carolyn was mostly cutting, but she did call you sweetheart:))! I'd not had exposure to her before this, other than to hear the name. She said many things that resonated, and her clarification that soul purpose plays out in service to others and ego purpose plays out in self-service cuts through a lot of crap like a knife. My pastor had a good sermon last week (entitled Meocentrism!) about how so much materialism is geared toward the self-serving aspect. I balked a bit when she said words like "blasphemy", "sacrilege" and "evil" are words inherent to the soul, but I suppose her point was that people are shying away from facing the difficult aspects of themselves and want a "sweetness and light" type of spirituality, which will only get them so far. She is completely right that the new age movement is choking on narcissism. Some of the things you've said about your illnesses are reminding me of Ken Wilber's book, Grace and Grit, the story of his wife's ordeal with terminal cancer. The way people respond by saying, "you've attracted this" is probably their way of distancing themselves from the pain, keeping in tact the illusion that they are in control. A friend of mine has a type of degenerative eye disease, and now has some visual impairment. Her spiritual friends told her this was a result of "spiritual blindness", which only inflicted spiritual trauma on top of her ordeal. Needless to say, she sought out a more supportive spiritual community!!
- Regina

Hi Jo What an awesome life you have and a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Many, many Blessings to you...
- Devon

Hey Jo, I checked out the Nora Ephron podcast you did...very cool indeed...everything is copy....truer words were never spoken.... Great show you are doing by the way... Ciao for now,
- Leonardo

Hi Jo, I love listening to your programs via the web. What a gift your talent is to all of your listeners. I particularly enjoyed the program with Dr. Arthur Caliandro. I visit Marble Collegiate when I am in NYC. Thank you for all of your efforts. May God continue to Bless Wonderful Jo Davidson.
- Mary, Houston, TX

I love your shows. I listen to them over and over for inspiration!
- Amy

Hello Jo, I've listened to a few of your interviews and thoroughly enjoyed them! Peace,
- Mark

Today I am going to buy Carolyn Myss's Entering the Castle, thanks to you!
- Alison

Jo, I read your commentary blog on "The Secret' at www.zentertainment.zaadz and was chuffed to hear you echoing my own criticisms of that film. thanks for that... I will enjoy the Caroline Myss interview and doubtless many other things on the site. Thanks again, and cheers!
- Ann

This was brilliant, just brilliant conversation with Carolyn Myss!
- Alimo

Jo- browsed your blog, and enjoyed reading the one on the Secret. I like your very balanced approach to the spiritual path, and the fact that you allow room for mystery and humility. I look forward to reading more!
- Regina

I'm listening to your Nora show!! It's really captivating. Great job!!
- Tim

Hey, Jo, just listened to your Nora Ephron podcast. Loved it. It reminded me of Joe. Any time something happens, I get frazzled and he always says, "It's all about the story, Hon."
- Rossana

The Nora Ephron show is amazing. When Harry Met Sally rocks.... It is so funny... I loved it when I watched it... :) Phenominal script writing and so classic,... no one writes like that today.... !
- Amy

Jo, I just want to say that I absolutely love your show. I am very inspired by your warmth and openess. Thank you.
- Gabrilla

Jo, I just listened to your interview with Iyanla Vanzant and I wish I could convey the deep smile it has brought to my morning. Her voice is powerful and nurturing and her words are clear and bright. Your voice with hers creates a lovely musical harmony. You have a luminous, inviting and classic quality which creates an elegant atmosphere for the conversation you're engaging. You can trust your voice!
- Laurie

Thanks for the Larry Dossey interview. He is such a fantastic and spiritual person. It must have beeen such a great pleasure to speak to and interview him = FANTASTIC!
- Daniel

I just wanted to thank you for the great interviews you do on your radio show. It is amazing how the things that come up in those interviews always seem perfectly timed to what I need to hear. It was so great to listen to Iyanla Vanzant talk about having a vision of your joy to pull you forward and using encouraging and supportive language to frame your tough situations. This was a really relevant and helpful interview. Thank you and keep up the great work! May you be happy and peaceful,
- Erin

Jo, Thank you for your interview with John Perkins. This is quite a tangled web woven around us. We need to ask ourselves, and each other, "what can we do to break this?" Your program has renewed my inner search for a better way of life. I started on that path long ago, when I picked up Laurence Boldt's "Zen and the Art of Making a Living," but seemed to have tripped somewhere along the way! Thank you for your work and for sharing your music!
- Paul

Thanks for putting out such a great show - I really appreciate all the work you put into it. And you really have so many great guests - Imdon't always think that they'll have anything to say that relates to me, but they never fail to be interesting and there's always something that applies to my life. Thanks again - I listen to a lot of podcasts, and yours is my favorite.
- Jen, WA.

Jo, Your podcasts are really great. Tremendous actually!
- Melody

Hey Jo, this morning I listened to the John Perkins interview. Bless you for creating this type of content! This is a big deal. Thanks for creating your marvelous zentertainment world.
- Simon

Hi Jo, thanks for your interview with Iyanla Vanzant and for introducing me to the word "Shero." There are so many sheroes!
- Chris

Jo, thank you for sharing your gift of music with the world!
- Jim

Hey Jo! The John Perkins interviews was excellent! You asked all the right questions, and he was a generous guest. It's scary and sad how our world operates....yet invigorating to know what power we wield with our voices and our wallets.
- Jeff

Hey, Jo -- The John Perkins story is great -- i've already shared it with two colleagues. let me know when you have that list of companies that fund such atrocious treatment of third-world nations and i will be glad to spread the word! be well,
- carla

Hi Jo, I just listened to your interview with the "economic hitman" Great resources. I try to keep my eye out for bad enviromental corporations!
- Stacey

Jo I love your music. I'm listening to Red Crayon...so beautiful....
-Michel M

I really like the show and am glad that you have the courage to speak out. There are so many topics that need to be brought out into the open more that are not politically correct.
- Alex

Thanks for your podcast. It's pretty amazing stuff!
- B

Wow!....I could spend all day listening to your shows. Thanks so much for your contribution. Cheers,
- Denel

This morning I was listening to your interview with John Perkins. Listening to an interview with someone, who has been on the inside of this kind of corrupt and exploitive world, (and him bravely confessing all) was a real eye opener and inspiration. And reminded me how I can choose to support companies who are creating harmonious and healthy business.Thanks for what you are doing and the awareness you are sharing with the world, Great work!- music too Love and gratitude,
- Ed

WOW. Your show with John Perkins was very informing. You and your guests are light workers...shining the light on the darkness. Good work. I love knowing more!
- Jennifer

Jo- I Just listened to the episode with John Perkins! For me, it was a bright spotlight on what has been a shadowy, sinister aspect of the world. I've been aware for years of how out of balance things have become as a direct result of the spread of industrialization and the price that many people are paying, particularly in other countries, for our country to maintain it's "standard of living". Not to mention the environmental impact. Also that the greatest concentration of wealth is maintained amongst a few corporations and individuals who pull the strings economically and politically primarily for their benefit with no thought of how they might do so for the benefit of all. I've been frustrated in thinking that there was nothing more that could be done to stop the behemoth in any real sense. It's encouraging to hear that there are corporations that are listening and are willing to make the changes necessary to support those who produce their products and take responsibility for the environmental impact as well. You've given me renewed hope that we can perhaps change the world before we destroy it. Bravo ! Your song, and voice, is beautiful, might I add. Much love and many blessings to you, Jo. You are a true agent for positive change in this world.
- Chuck

Wow Jo, I'm really impressed with zentertainment.org. I really enjoyed the Seanne Corne interview, particularly her take on yoga as a healing art and as a spiritual growth art. I can say that for myself, practicing yoga has been that and much more. I always learn lessons from my body, particularly limits as I'm the type of person with a lot of interests and an ambitious drive and push myself very hard. I think yoga has taught me to just be with myself and to love myself and that its all about progress not perfection. Good thing about yoga, it focuses you on the present, on the reality and what is there. Thanks,
- Rocky

Jo,I listened to your interview with Seane Corn in my car this morning, and enjoyed it immensely, thank you. In particular, I was really interested in the idea of the 'shadow' which was discussed, and which made a lot of sense in various ways. As you put it during the interview, acknowledging and confronting our imperfections (and our own dark shadow) is more important than we sometimes realize. I also read and enjoyed your post on the Virginia Tech shootings, thank you.
- Stephen

Hi Jo, that was a wonderful interview with Seane Corn. I will be taking one of her classes at the YJ Conference coming to Lake Geneva this year. I have heard many great things about her, and now listening to her interview, she truly lives as her "Authentic Self", which I admire in anyone:)! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Namaste,
- Catherine

Hi Jo, I am currently collecting recommendations for my summer beach reading. I have been pondering the question one of my students asked me yesterday which was "why is life so hard?" We had quite the discussion. I have to go into that place where I can sit with my pain and let it inform me. Avoidance sounds like a good idea but I know that postpones the inevitable. I have been going through an incredibly emotional time in my life. I need to get centered, relax, learn from what the universe is teaching me and heal. Your program has been wonderful and I thank you for it. Keep speaking to us Jo, it keeps me grounded. Happy Spring,
- Liz, Massachusetts

Hi Jo, Just wanted to say that I particularly enjoyed the segment on "House as a Mirror of Self." Clare Cooper Marcus's observations seem so on the mark. I've given a lot of thought to personal geography of space. Now I'm in the process of choosing a different kind of experience in a completely new place: scaled down, green, peaceful, private, introspective. It will be interesting to observe how this new phase of my life unfolds. Anyway, keep up your great work. I'll be looking forward to tuning in on a regular basis!
- Kat

Jo, I just listened to the Candace Pert interview. What a great one! You were really good at getting in there and asking good questions and having fun in the dialogue too! It was so interesting and fun! You go girl! Your my space bio and music is wonderful too- You're sooooo multi-talented!!!!
-Tamor, NYC

Jo, you have one of the most incredible singing voices I have ever heard! Not only are you an accomplished singer/song writer whose music conveys an intimacy with suffering and joy, and a spiritual depth that is missing in a lot of contemporary music, you are also a great photographer. I have listened to four of your programs on Zentertainment Radio, and have been delighted by the depth of your content, and by your ability to cut through the crap that a lot of talk radio offers, by asking hard questions while at the same time allowing your listening audience to hear that your spiritual development (like all of ours) is a bit messy at times. You has an impressive line up of guests and allow your listeners to e-mail questions to you when the opportunity affords itself. Where have you been all my life, Jo Davidson? Apparently the stars took awhile to line up before I was blessed to enter your space in the cosmos. Thanks.
- Michael

Jo, your show is great! I just finished Candace's book. I am now reading Judith's book. They really can making money selling books by being on your show. Most importantly they get their message to more people and you do too. I will get Larry Dossey's books as well!
- Jenn

Dear Jo, I listened to most of your new shows last night, and I don't know how to describe the experience except to say it was such a joyous experience! There is a quote I found recently that I liked, "She flung wide the doors of my heart and validated the songs my soul sings" that describes your show, pretty much everything resonated with me, I especially enjoyed your conversations with Chris Prentiss and Guy Finley, and I am definitely going to get their books! Your voice is so soothing and relaxing and you made me smile many times, thank you so much. Keep up the good work, and all the best with your journey. Many thanks and blessings,
- Dave

I loved Candace Pert's book, "Molecules of Emotion" and I gave a copy to all my friends when it was first published! Best-
- Joanna

I listened to your interview with Candace Pert. Thank you so much for doing what your doing

I love your Talk site. You are awesome and truthful. Yay!
- Deanie, South Africa

I checked out Zentertainment and listened to a couple of your podcasts...Wow, great site. You seem like an amazing soul...living life authentically while making a difference. I'll be sharing your work with some friends shortly.
Namaste, - Meghan

Spent a few hours yesterday enjoying your interesting interviews and soothing commentaries at zenertainment.com. Great job sister, can't wait to see what's next.
- Chris

Wonderful work! I am grateful to know about you! I honor your contribution!
- Paul

Keep up the fresh good thinking and healing ideas. Thank you Jo!
- Maralee, California

Great music. (wonderful photographs. ) Thanks for your Light and talent.
- Bradley

Dear Jo, You DO rock! I am in AWE of what you do. Your quality in the quality of your shows, as well as lately good "holistic" tips, proves that you do care!
- Pascal, France

Dear Jo, just listened to the story you shared about the bird that got caught in your family's patio. What a wonderful, inspiring and refreshing story. I have to admit I also find myself telling my friends and myself not to rely on fear as a guide. Although I feel that there is a partial truth in this, your show made me realize the partial aspect of it more clearly. I come from a martial arts and Zen background and feel I have to some extent identified with the ‘spiritual warrior' image. This might be an oversimplification, but your story really pointed out to me how fear at times may be what helps us move in a direction that will do us good and helps us find our way out of an unpleasant situation. Hope it will allow me to deal more gently with my own and others fears.
- L, Tokyo

Dear Jo, you are also blessed with a great radio voice/presence! Seemed to relax me naturally and put a smile on my face. Nice combination of curiosity, humor, sincerity and warmth. Keep on sharing and wishing you a beautiful day.
- Laurens

Hello Jo, you have accomplished a lot and have much to take pride in. It's always such a pleasure to come across people who live their lives in an artful and inspired way! I've added you to my iTunes podcasts where you share space with a coterie of distinguished podcasters. :-) Your interview with Larry Dossey sounds great-I'm very familiar with his work. As I was browsing through your site, I came across your Myspace page and listened to a few of your songs. "Carousel" was absolutely fantastic; a song painted in playful colors. Beautiful and tender, and to my mind, reminiscent of idyllic, carefree days and summer afternoons. Which, by the way, is a nice thing to think about especially now that the east coast is buried under snow and ice.
All the best,
- Charlie

Awesome Wesbite!!!
- Gabriel

Just finished listening to a couple of your shows and perusing your site. What a light you are! Keep up the great job. Wow... you're a remarkable spirit. Keep shining.
- Lee

Zen and the Art of happiness is such a great show! Just what I needed from the universe. Thanks for your positivity. =)
- Mona, L.A

Your show sounds amazing! You continue to inspire me.
- Monica, Miami

Your interview with Alissa Lukara touched my heart deeply... because I have been at that very point, so thanks for sharing that. It helped more than you could know...
- Amy, CA

Jo: Keep up the fantastic work you are doing to enlighten and transform our world. Your music is soul-full and deliciously intoxicating : ) Bright Blessings,
- Tammi

Jo, regarding your Christmas show-that was awesome. It truly changed my day. I'm in a really challenging place right now and that small slice of peace helped me to breathe for a while.
- E, NYC

I just downloaded and listened to your podcast just before Thanksgiving in which you were describing the poor bird that couldn't find her way out until you used her fear of your presence to guide her. That is a most beautiful way to describe how fear can be a powerful motivator for positive change. I have always found that those experiences that have frightened me on some level have, perhaps, been the most illuminating. My personal mantra remains "understanding is not a requisite of experience." Fear subsides. Experience, and the growth that ensues, remain. Thank you for a wonderful podcast.
- Patrick, Georgia

Great show as usual...The comment about forfeiting the right to intimate relationships by withholding information... thought provoking....you always seem to lob at least one spiritual grenade into each show. Nice!
- Chris, Nashville

I just listened to your latest show. I love it! You do a fabulous job, insights, sensitivity, creativity!
- Marge, Ohio

I have been listening to your show and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is. I especially like the program with Dr. Caliando. His wisdom is remarkable and he is so inspiring. Keep up the good work and congratulations on such a worthwhile endeavor.
- Michele

I listened to your conversation with Dr. Arthur Caliandro the other night and all I can say is "thank you". When I read the topic I got a little nervous. But you brought to my attention someone who seems to embody the true spirit of what religion should be - acceptance for all. Thanks again for bringing Dr. Caliandro to my attention and for giving me hope in what seems increasingly to be an unforgiving world.
- Samuel

Regarding your show on CHANGE- I have to laugh about the lady who was too old for change...I've got an aunt in LA who drives, goes to classes, has a boyfriend...and she's 97. Wishing you continued blessings and discoveries!
- Ruth

Your new endeavor is awesome!!! You are an inspiration for many. Jo, i really believe that you're destined for great things!!
- Denise

I have to say your show with Dr. Caliandro was WONDERFUL. His words are truly coming from his heart and made me cry. I feel as if I have been again pushed to try what I really want to do through listening to your show. Thank you so much for what you do, and you are certainly making a big change in the world by your show. You definitely changed someone's life in Tokyo whom you had never met!!
- Makiko Orito, Tokyo

Thank you very much for taking the time to produce and distribute your gems! They have been very healing and inspiring for me.
- Valerie, California

I love what you've created!! It's a treat, just wonderful...
-Oscar G, NYC

What you have done is truly remarkable. I love your website and photos. All of it has got great mood and style. Love what you write about yourself. It draws people right in and made me want to hear your interviews. Very human and insightful, authentic, from the heart. To Possibilities!
- Alissa Lucara, Oregon

Jo, I love your show! Intelligent, diverse and even surprising musical choices! I'm really looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Already you've hinted in the first show about a few possibilities and upcoming segments I don't want to miss. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your unique creative vision. Truly, very zentertaining. Beautiful website.
- Jenny Bruce, NYC

Just listened to your show. I believe you're on to something great! You go girlfriend!
- Rossana, L.A.

I listened to your radio sessions last night and I am hooked. I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration!
-Christine, Los Angeles, CA

I've gotten some new bit of wisdom that I can really use. Great stuff!
-Heather Eatman, NYC

I read your informal bio and was so touched by it. It is beautifully and casually written, which makes it so personal and profound. I could relate to so many things you said. Your photography is incredible. I'd never seen it before. I will definitely keep in it mind for future gifts/wall hangings. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are on the right track. Your words and art are an inspiration!
- Makena, Austin Texas

Your site brings joy and good health!
- Jennifer Stefanow, AZ

Your show has brightened my days and inspired my mind....
- Mariah, TX

Your show rocks! Keep sharing and shining!
- David Bryant, Sherman Oaks, CA

You have definately found a niche and filled a need!
- Dee Lane, Oakdale, TN

Your podcasts are sweet gifts that are so special to me: they really put my mind and body at ease and keep me grounded when things are flying around at warped speed! I find that I have to keep a notebook handy to jot down the inspiring quotes or whatever pops into my head while listening!
- Shauna Burns, NV

Thanks for your light!
- Kip Herring, Wildwood, PA

I love the shows. I listen to them on my ipod while walking my baby to sleep. Keep up the great work!
- Michelle H. Hutley, NJ

Your new show is awesome!! I love the fact that you keep things positive but...you don't limit your topics to one particular thing. Music, religion, philosophy, politics, psychology- your show is a genuine learning experience. You are the perfect person to host the show- you're able to find art in just about everything. You love to learn - I think your best tool for teaching others is your unceasing, natural curiosity.
- Tim, NC

You have the power of God running through you!
- Jennifer, Charlotte NC

You can really reach people--you have a gift for that. For enabling a person including yourself of course to experience fullness of presence and thus to grow, to heal. I doubt that anyone who has ever encountered you in any way remains the same. The site feels soulful and also full of care and love. I didn't know that could come across on the internet, but you make it happen!
- Jill Falzoi

Responses to Jo's video of "O Holy Night"...
Your You Tube video of "O Holy Night" is just marvelous! You hit every note.  This goes into my Christmas music collection.  Really inspiring! Happy Holidays-
- Larry

Jo, Keep forgetting to mention to you that when I was home on Thanksgiving your Christmas cd was on 'repeat'! Love it :-)
- Robert

Jo, My wife and I listened to your rendition of O Holy Night. We are musicians, not accomplished like yourself but totally taken by music.  The Lord has blessed you with wonderful talents. Thanks for sharing with us.
- Al

Jo- Keep playing , and i'll keep listening. Thanks for a beautiful moment.
- Gino

This is beautiful, not? only on Christmas. :-)Thanks.
- Peter

Jo, I watched your you tube video immediately the other night when you sent it. I loved it. It brought tears to my eyes. You should do more!
- Joy

Oh Jo - Soooooo Beautiful! Thank you. Thank you for your rendition of "O Holy Night." What a lovely gift. Really touched me,
- Jacqui

Jo, Your piano playing made my heart smile!!! You have so many gifts! Thanks for sharing!
- Julie

Jo, Wonderful. My 15 month old danced in her jammies..
- Joel

Jo, Loved it! I wish you could come out again and do another house concert.  I have such great memories of that. You are just a great talent, is all I can say.
- Rossana

Jo, Simply ELEGANT.Very heartwarming !!!!!!! Thanks for sharing a little piece of you, as always loved it.
- Rick

Jo, I was feeling really run down today, Jo. Thanks for sharing your Christmas soul with me....now my Christmas tree seems to be shining even brighter tonight!
- Lissa

Jo, So angelic! Touches my heart as I feel your music....and see how you become one with it!
- Lois

JO - that was a perfect break in my hectic day....thanks 
- Nancy

One of my favs, Beautiful!
- Karen

Jo- Awesomeness!
- David

Thank you for sharing your journal Jo. I have let go of so much of the shame that goes along with this illness.  I wonder now why or how I could have felt shame, but I believe it stems from the treatment i got from those close to me and I internalized it.  I now realize I am this amazing soul who is strong and brave beyond measure, Good for you!  You look radiant in your new picture, and I know these therapies are helping you.
- Julia

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